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Eleven of BTPs authors come to you today, this awesomenistic Friday, with a funfilled adventure. Today we are having a scavenger hunt, but not any scavenger hunt. This hunt is full of fun annnndd *cough* sexiness O_O. Say Whhaatt?! You heard right. A scavenger hunt full of sexiness!

So without further ado let’s get this party started right! Let’s get this party quickly! Set it off on the left y’all. Set it off on the right y’all (singing (off key… while pumping my fist and doing my little set-it-off dance).







If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. What am I?



You've come so far and yet have more to go. Click on the BTP author's names to collect more riddle answers. Once you have all 10 answers collected email btpcontests@gmail.com. Three lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive a $10 BTP gift certificate. Contest closes at 12 am 12.22.12.



The Blog Hop Train




I’ve been asked by the Awesome Yvonne Nicholas join forces with herself and many other fantastic authors in a ‘Blog Hop’. So I am asking you (the readers and other authors), to climb on board and follow this fanatical tour. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  The only thing you have to do is read the questions that I, along with other authors have been asked to provide.

The train has pulled into “Serenity Kings Blog Station”. 



Let’s Ride! Questions:

What is the working title of your book? Someone to Watch Over Me

Where did the idea come from for the book?  A real life event. This is the first book in a new series. The series is based on the first title ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’. All of the books to follow will have this theme.

What genre does your book fall under? Interracial. I write different genres of romance—mostly erotic romance. The majority of my romance novels are of African-American women with men of many different nationalities. However, I do NOT only write books with women of other nationalities as well.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie? Hard question. Hero: Chris O’Donnell, Simon Baker, Oded Fehr, Alessandro Nivola. Heroine: Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, Taraji Henson, and so many more. There are just too many men and women actors/actresses that I would love to see play one of my characters in a movie.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book? A ‘What’?! With a lot of I want one too.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency/publisher? No. This will be published through Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? Do you mean the first time? (smile). I have written too many drafts of this book. The first draft took about four months.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? Not sure about that one.

Who or What inspired you to write this book? The beauty of love and romance inspired me to write this novel. 

What else about your book might interest the reader? It’s full of juicy characters that will make you fall in love with each and every one—flaws and all.

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen on to the next stop…

Take a ride on over to these other fantastic authors’ blogs:


Happy Thursday!!! Contest Winners!!!

Hello Lovelies!!

Yes, I know I was supposed to post a story last night...I went to bed and knocked out...Sorry. The wedding and everything else has become a little overwhelming. I had no idea I was that tired, lol.

Anyway, I will post something soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

And the WINNERS are.........

1st Place: Ernestine $100.00 GC Visa/Mastercard

2nd Place: Cherryce $50.00 GC Amazon or B&N

3rd Place: Yvonne Nicholas $25 GC Amazon or B&N

4th Place: Jacke'O $10.00 GC Beautiful Trouble Publishing

5th Place: DeeDee $10.00 GC Beautiful Trouble Publishing

6th Place: Billy London $10.oo GC Amazon

Please email me your addresses so that prizes can be delivered. Thank you!!!


Happy Hump Day!!!

Hello All,

Today is the last day of our contest. I have had a great time with you all for this month-long contest. I will draw names after mid-night and post the results tomorrow morning.

I have decided to keep the Guess the Genre going a little while longer. It's helped me a great deal with getting projects completed. Whoot!!

I will post another short tonight in honour of our closing ceremony (contest), LOL.

You all are so awesome!




Happy Monday! Welcome! This short is from one of my backlisted short stories. Can you tell me which one? And can you guess which Genre this one falls into?



Copyright © 2011 by Serenity King

Short snippet from previously released short story

Uta felt uneasy as she sat on her sofa with a blanket wrapped around her, sipping a glass of red wine and waiting for her friend Nylora to come over with a pizza from their favorite pizza spot. Ever since a car accident had landed Uta in the hospital, she’d had problems keeping warm.  Her friend Nylora teased her relentlessly about her needing blood. Even though Uta often laughed along with her friend, she was starting to wonder if Nylora was right. Maybe she did need blood. Lately she’d wanted blood. She even liked the smell of it. In fact, some nights she craved it. Maybe another session with a therapist wouldn’t be a bad idea.  

Ever since that night—a night she had little remembrance of—something seemed different about her. The only thing Uta remembered about that night was leaving her office to meet a potential client about decorating an old Victorian home. That was it. She had no memory at all of the accident. Her therapist called it suppressed memory. Suppressed or not, she couldn’t remember a damn thing.

 Uta felt as if she was being watched all the time. She’d had these feelings in the hospital and they’d grown stronger since she’d been released. Her nights were filled with vivid dreams of a lover she didn’t have.

Yet the dreams were always so real. So real in fact, that when Uta would waken with the soft breeze from her bedroom windows caressing her naked form, her bed covers were always rumpled and pushed to the far side of her bed, her breathing was heavy, her hair was tousled, and her womanly juices saturated the insides of her thighs and her bed sheets. Odder still, her gown was always lying in a silken heap at the foot of her bed. 

The first time it had happened, Uta had been scared shitless that someone had broken into her apartment and taken advantage of her. In the back of her mind, she knew that no one had. But her body had tingled all over as if she’d come off one of the biggest climaxes of her life.

Just to be certain that no one was in her home, she’d gotten out of bed on very shaky legs. Hurrying across the room she closed her windows and grabbed her robe off the settee. Slipping it around her shoulders, she walked out of the bedroom to look through her apartment. After finding everything in order, she’d made her way into the bathroom adjoining her bedroom to take a shower.

In the shower, she’d felt as if someone was watching her. She’d jerked the shower curtain back to find no one there. Uta finished her shower quickly, put on a nightshirt, and went back to bed.

She hadn’t fallen asleep as quickly as she’d have liked, but she had fallen into a peaceful sleep.

But the next night, the dreams came back. They had continued until a week ago. Truth be known, she’d enjoyed every one of the dreams. Each dream held something different. Some nights she’d wake up and her inner thighs would be sore. Sometimes her neck ached and tingled so she could’ve sworn she’d have passion marks. Upon waking up, she’d run to the mirror to check, and to her extreme disappointment, there was nothing to see.

Her lover really did exist only in her dreams. Only now she didn’t even dream about him anymore. She hadn’t had a dream in over a week. She was downcast, weak, and just outright miserable.

Hence, the girls night with Nylora.

Uta was brought out of her reverie by a firm knock at her door. She jumped at the sound. “Damn, I really have to pull myself together or Nylora will have me committed,” she said to herself.

Getting up from her sofa, she made her way across the room to open the door. She smelled Nylora’s perfume and the pizza—sausage and pepperoni pizza, to be exact. Not bothering to ask who it was, Uta undid the dead bolt and opened the door.

“Hey Lady, how many times do I have to tell you about opening your door without knowing who’s on the other side?” Nylora asked her friend as she walked past Uta into the apartment.

Uta stepped aside as Nylora practically Bo-guarded her way inside. Nylora was only a little over five feet tall, but she liked to boss everyone around. Uta’s five-nine frame towered over her. Following the petite woman into the room, she said. “I knew it was you Nylora. I smelled—I smelled the aroma from the pie.” Uta had almost said, “I smelled your perfume,” but she stopped herself just in time. The last time she’d told Nylora that she had smelled her perfume from far away, Nylora had had too many questions. Questions Uta didn’t have answers to.

“Oh, Lord, you and that smell thing again,” Nylora said, placing the pizza on the kitchen counter and then turning to face Uta. “And why the hell is it so dark in here? You didn’t pay your electric or something?”

“Yes I paid my electric. I’ve been having problems adjusting to the light, that’s all. I already told you that,” Uta responded.

“Uta, for the past week you’ve been wearing shades to work. Okay—the light is miserable, and I can understand it gives you headaches. Hell, I know how I am about light when I have a migraine. But I didn’t know you actually lived in the dark. Maybe you should think about going to a neurologist for these migraines and your sensitivity to light. You’re scaring me,” Nylora said, uncharacteristically serious.

Happy Saturday!!

Hello My Lovelies!!!

Sorry I have not been around of late, I am in the middle of getting a great deal of material ready for release. Yay!

Please note that our contest is still going on and will continue until August 15, 2012. On August 16th I will draw the names of our winners and make the announcement on my blog and/or Facebook page.
I have not posted a Guess the Genre for the past few days because I have been writing trying to make deadlines. Please be advised that I will post something on tomorrow, Sunday, August 12, 2012 or Monday, August 13th. There will definitely be a post or two on Wednesday, August 15th, the last day of the contest.

You all have been great and I really appreciate the time you have taken out of your busy schedules to hang with me. Some have posted on my blog, Facebook, and email. You guys truly ROCK!!!

Love you!


Happy Tuesday! Enjoy!

Welcome! Happy Tuesday! Here’s another snippet from one of my WIPs. Can you tell me which book these two characters are from?



Love on the Run

Copyright © 2012 Serenity King


Nicholas watched between half-closed eyelids as Tonya tiptoed out of the bathroom—shoes in hand towards the bedroom door. Where she thought she was going was beyond him. Here she was again trying to sneak out on him. He wasn’t having it. Tonya had yet to realize that she was his and he wasn’t about to let her get away.

“Make another move towards that door, and there’s going to be a situation,” Nicholas mumbled. He hid a smile as she started dropping one of the shoes she was carrying to the floor.

“Nicholas you scared me to death,” she cried holding her hands over her heart.

“Sure I did. That’s what happens when one gets caught doing something one should not be doing. Like you trying to sneak off like a thief into the night. Running again, Tonya?” he snarled getting up from the bed, and walking naked towards her. His steps ever so slow.

“I…I was not running. I was simply going home,” she said lamely.

“You were simply running,” he mimicked backing her up against the door and scowling down at her. “Am I going to have to tie you to the bed, my sweet? Hmm, that might not be a bad idea after all.”

“Nicholas what are you doing?” she breathed.

Nicholas didn’t say a word as he slipped the shoe from her hand—letting it drop to the floor. Looking her directly in the eyes he pulled her dress over her head and threw it across the room. She was stark naked—his eyes darkened with passion.

“I don’t think I did my job correctly,” he said huskily, lifting her up in his arms and walking her to the bed, where he dropped her on it—falling on top of her.

“What job was that?” she swallowed.

“The one where I fuck you so thoroughly that you don’t have the strength to leave me bed never mind run,” he scowled, parting her legs with his thighs and entering her in one fell swoop. “I won’t be making that mistake again.”

Happy Monday! Enjoy!

Welcome! And the contest continues! Whoot!
 Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. Here’s a little something taken from one of my current books. Can you guess who the couple is, and what novella it was taken from? Yes, it the full story will be released J.

Hint: African American couple. Enjoy!


Title: Surprise
Author: Serenity King
Copyright © Serenity King 2010 and 2012

Turning the key in the lock, David opened the door to the sight of a half naked woman.

 Damn!” was the only thing he could think to say. His eyes locked on her curvaceous body as she stood in front of him, posing like a goddess.

“Hello, baby. Were you expecting me?” she asked, in a most seductive voice.

Eyes wide with shock, he gazed at the goddess standing before him. Slowly, his eyes traveled down the expanse of her copper-toned body, past her curved hips, stopping at a pair of incredibly long, well-toned legs in satin, leopard skin, high-heel slip-on sandals. He lingered there for a moment, groaning low in his throat as he imagined those beautiful legs tangled with his or wrapped around his waist. Oh man, he was in trouble.

“Well, aren’t you going to say something?” she smiled seductively, knowing full well she had him where she wanted him.

David swallowed the lump in his throat that seemed to have robbed him of speech. His eyes reversed course and traveled back up her incredible legs to the dark V-shape between her thighs.  The sight of her sex almost stopped him in his tracks. He traveled further up, pausing on her breasts— visible through the lacy gaps in her little, cream colored, sheer robe—they were the most perfectly rounded breasts he’d ever seen. Perky with extended nipples, her breasts were made for his mouth. Mmmm-mmm!

Needing to be on safer territory, David looked up into Nadia’s face, only to see her self-satisfied smirk. “Ah…what are you doing here?”

“What does it look like?” she purred.  “I’ve come to see if you wanted some dessert before turning in for the night.”

Opening her sheer robe, she let it slide to the floor.  As if the ,sexy, confident pose she struck wasn’t enough, she removed the clip from her hair, allowing her black, waist-length mane to fall freely down her back like a waterfall.

Oh, Damn! Didn’t Nadia realize that standing before him like that was waving a red flag in front of a raging bull? Apparently she didn’t, but the minx was about to find out. “I didn’t think…never mind. You’re serious? We can do this now? It’s not too soon is it? You just had the baby six weeks ago.”

“Doesn’t it look like I’m serious?” she asked as she cupped her breasts and squeezing them together, so her pointed nipples pointed toward him.

Realizing that this was for real, he was out of his clothes in no time flat.  Dropping them in the doorway, he stood tall, proud, in front of her. “Come to me.”

Smiling, Nadia leaped for joy and ran to him. Catching her, he cradled her up in his arms and made his way to their bedroom, where he fell backwards onto the bed with her on top of him.

Hands all over each other, their lips met in a passionate kiss. They were both impatient as it had been so long. H rubbed her arms and back before caressing her from the tips of her breasts to the smooth swell of her hips. Releasing her mouth, he lifted her slightly and gently tugged one of her erect nipples with his lips before suckling it. It was salty and sweet. Listening to her moan, he smiled to himself before switching to the other. 

She grabbed at his cock, stroking it from tip to base while trying to guide it inside of her.

“It’s been so long.  I can’t wait, baby!” Flipping over so that she was flat on her back, he settled her legs over his shoulders.  Using his hands to separate her slick folds he tested her readiness. Finding her juicy and ready he entered her in one fell swoop. Nadia cried out in joy and thrust up to meet his strokes. He continued to pump hard and fast until both, impatient for fulfillment, reached orgasm and found release together. Marveling at being one again, their passionate cries mingled and filled the room.

“You can surprise me anytime, baby. I love you, Nadia,” David said.

“I love you too, baby. Let’s do it again?”

“Oh hell, yeah!”

**Serenity King**

Happy Sunday! Enjoy!

Welcome! Hope you all are having a great Sunday! Here’s a little snippet from a WIP. You all should recognize both characters. Can you tell me which of my works the hero and heroine are from?



A Wild Ride

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King


“So Star how’d you get Hudson to let you out for the night?” Skye asked.

“Yeah, I want to know that one too?” Paulette piped in.

“I didn’t have to get Hudson to let me do anything. I simply told him that I wanted to spend some time with my sister and best friend and he was okay with it. I think he was relieved. Hudson thinks I hover over the baby. This is his daddy time with little Ashley,” Star said.

“How’s my niece?” Skye asked.

“You mean since you left her yesterday?” Star asked dryly. “She’s great. I love being a mom. I have the best baby in the world.”

“And I have the best goddaughter in the world,” Paulette joined in.

 “I say we have a toast,” Skye said. “Let’s toast, to the best daughter, goddaughter, and niece in the world, Ashley. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” Star and Paulette said clicking their glasses together with Skye’s.

“Well hello, Skye. Fancy seeing you here,” said the not so amused voice next to her.

Skye jerked her head around to look up into the blue eyes of one Damien Baldwin.

“Damien…Ah…how did you…”

“Find you,” he finished. “I have my ways, Skye. I believe I told you that on our last encounter.”

“About that,” Skye started.

“Save it. Why don’t you introduce me to your companions instead? It’ll be less taxing,” he sneered.

Skye was too shocked at seeing him to speak. Damn he looked angry.

“I’m Star Reese, Skye’s older sister and this right here is our friend, Paulette, and just who might you be,” Skye heard her sister ask. Oh this was going to be bad. Skye just knew it.

“Damien Baldwin. You’re brother-in-law,” he stated dryly.

Happy Saturday!!

Hello All,

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days...I have a lot of things going on at once (edits, writing, wedding plans). I will be back in full swing tomorrow (Sunday) with another short Guess the Genre. There will be one every day for the next week...the last week of our contest.

I want to take this time to thank all of you who have been participating, who will continue to participate, and those of you that have simply read my blog posts and sent encouraging emails.
See you all Sunday, August 5, 2012 for more goodies :).


Happy Hump Day!!! Enjoy!

Welcome! This is week 03 of our contest. I’ve been out-of-pocket due to moving my office…what’s a girl to do without internet access, Lol.

I guess I need to learn how to post on my blog via my cell phone…nah.  Anyway, you all might recognize someone from this little short *grin*.

Happy Hump-Day everyone! Enjoy!

I Choose You

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King


Michael Alesi watched the caramel skinned woman from across the room. He recognized the man constantly vying for her attention, as his brother Nicco’s friend Marcello Perini. Michael had never cared for the young man and now he knew why. The bartender sat the drink down and front of the young woman, and she turned that is when he recognized her, Kendra Washington. The bartender distracted her while Marcello dropped something into her drink.

“You stupid fuck,” Michael barked.

“What?” He heard his companion say.

“Carmella, I must apologize I have an emergency. I will have a car take you home,” he said already out of his seat.

 “What emergency? Michael you promised,” Carmella whined.

“I did not promise I indulged you. However, now I have a true emergency. I will call you tomorrow,” he said more to get rid of her than truth. He knew that this was the end of their association. Carmella had begun to take liberties that were not afforded her by him. Especially since he knew that she’d slept with his brother Nicco. The two had no idea that he knew. He didn’t care enough that they should know.

“Make sure you do,” she snapped. “I am getting tired of waiting for you Michael.”

“As I have never asked you to wait for me, your empty threat is just that, empty. Our association is over. Goodbye. And before you even began to make a scene, give my regards to my brother,” he snapped, then turned and walked away, leaving her at the table.

He was too late. The young woman already had the drink up to her mouth and had taken a healthy swallow. Michael reached the young woman and gentle took the drink out of her hand.

“I would advise you not to take another sip,” he whispered for her ears only, then shot the bartender a frosty glare, before turning menacing eyes on Marcello.

“Marcello you have until I count to one to get up and get out of here. My family’s association with yours is the only reason why I will not make this a public issue. Yet. However, watch your back because the next time we meet I will surely kill you,” he stormed.

“Micheal, is that you?” She slurred before swaying in his arms.

“Yes, love,” he said.

“Hey, what are going doing here?” She murmured, snuggling closer to him.

“Shit!” Michael cursed. “Kendra, I have to get you out of here.”

“I don’t feel so good,” she moaned.

“I know love. Come let’s get you out of here,” he said turning to the man behind the bar. “We’re leaving out the back. I will deal with you later. You and Marcello better hope she does not have any side effect from what you let him slip in her drink or you both will regret the day you were born,” he snapped.

Michael held Kendra with one arm wrapped around her waist. He then reached into his pocket, took out his cell and called Piero. All hell was about the break loose. Piero didn’t suffer fools and one that messed with his sister-in-law would surely die.

Happy Saturday!!! Enjoy!

Welcome! Week 2 day 14 of our Contest. Guess the Genre

This is a clip from a title I have been working on for a while. This will release after Sinjin and Asia’s story. The title may change as well. Enjoy!

Sensual Seduction

Copyright © 2012 Serenity King


They arrived at the gala in record time. The minute the limo came to a stop and George opened their door, flashing cameras were everywhere. The paparazzi descended upon them at once.

“Asia and Diamond, will you two be in the show tonight?” A mic was put in front of them.

“No comment,” Diamond answered.

“Alexis, is it true that someone’s been sending you death threats?”

Alexis gasped, but recovered quickly and put on an award-winning smile. “Please darling, I’m just here to support the children’s fund. I’m looking forward to a fabulous evening.” Just then, a tall, well-built man dressed in tuxedo appeared at their sides.

“Hello, ladies. Shall we go inside?” He said with a Louisiana drawl.

“Maximillien! What are you doing here?” Alexis asked.

“Not now, precious. Let’s go. We will talk about the letter’s you’ve been receiving later,” he whispered for her ears alone.

“How did—?”

A reporter jumped in front of them. “Are you two back together?”

Ignoring the question, they pushed their way through the crowd and into the establishment. They were escorted to a reserved table where they all took their seats.

 “Ah, Asia, thanks for giving me a heads-up about the threats,” Max said.

“You’re most welcome,” Asia responded.

“So that’s how you found out about the letters, Maximilien. Is that why you’re here?” asked Alexis.

“Damn straight. And I’m gonna kill the SOB when I get my hands on him,” Max said loudly, which gained him more than a few stares.

“Maximilien, keep it down. You’re drawing attention to us,” Alexis said. “Besides you don’t know that it’s a man.”

“Alexis, honey, I don’t give a flying fu—”

“Max!” Alexis shushed. “Please. This is not the time or the place.”