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Excerpt All Rights Reserved by Serenity King
“Damn, I must be crazy!” Star muttered, trying to climb through the half-opened window of Hudson Reese’s bedroom. “I hope y’all know this is completely insane!”

“Of course we know it’s insane—that’s why we tried to talk you out of it,” Paulette said sarcastically. “Although why we agreed to participate in your insanity is beyond me.”

“Hush up, Paulette,” Star said. “You agreed because we’re best friends and you love me.”

“Well, I’m not your best friend,” Skye piped up. “Tell me again why the hell I’m out here on one of the largest quarter horse ranches in North Carolina late at night, helping you climb in its owner’s window?” Skye asked.

Star looked down at her younger sister Skye. “Because you’re my sister, Skye. You’re supposed to help me. Now will the two of you shut up and hold the ladder still before we get caught! The last thing I need is to get caught breaking into Hudson’s house.”