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The Most Common Misconceptions about Interracial

Relationships by Stacy-Deanne

Hello all! First let me say I am honored to be on my buddy, Serenity King’s lovely blog. Since she let me intrude today, I thought I’d make it worth your while. And you know I can. 

For those who need an introduction, I’m Stacy-Deanne. I am a big supporter of interracial relationships, I love white guys and I write mystery and suspense novels that often feature interracial romance. I am known as “Interracial Romance’s First Lady of Crime and Mystery”.

Now let’s get started. I don’t just blog to entertain but to educate and provide guidance to those in need. There are common misconceptions from outsiders about interracial relationships. Some folks just don’t get it. I would like to point out the most common misconceptions in hopes that it leads people to being more open to IR relationships and to realize that even though color is part of the attraction, it is not the most important thing in the relationship.

Misconception 1: People Date Interracially Because They Are Ashamed of Their Own Race

This might be true for some people. I know for a fact that some people do date interracially because they have issues with their own race. They’ve either got burned too many times or they have some self-hatred for their own culture. This can be true but it is definitely not the main reason people date out of their race. People who date interracially do because they have a genuine attraction to other races.

Misconception 2: People Date Interracially Because They Do Not Like the Looks of the Opposite Sex in their Own Race

Once again this does come into play for some people but definitely not the majority. It comes down to a preference. Most people who interracially date have dated others in their own race and do find them attractive but date interracially because they have met others through circles like work or social hangouts. It’s mainly about personalities and how much you have in common with someone. It can be true that people of your own race might not be into what you are into and you can’t find someone that you wanna be with. Just because you’re painted with the same brush does not mean you belong together.

Misconception 3: Women Look Down on Interracial Dating More than Men

This is completely untrue and a general assumption. What gets me is that people are always spotlighting black women and making it seem like they are jealous when black men date out of their race. You might have some that don’t care for it, but you have white men and black men who don’t care for interracial dating either.  It’s always made into a big deal to make black women look bitter. The ones who squawk the loudest about it do not represent all women. Most women couldn’t care less who a man is dating no matter the color.

Misconception 4: Blacks Date out of Their Race to Have Kids Look a Certain Way

This is disturbing but unfortunately I’ve heard this said by some black men and women who have admitted that they want biracial kids because of how they look. This is not the norm and most people do not think like this. You should be with someone because you are truly in love with them, not because you want your kids to have “good hair” or light skin.

Misconception 5: People Who Date Interracially Do It to Prove a Point

Nope. Interracial couples aren’t going around with an agenda. They are just like couples of the same race and the last thing they think about is the outside public.

There are many misconceptions about interracial dating and some people will never understand. But it’s 2011 and this is a time when someone’s acceptance of your relationship shouldn’t be overly valued. Interracial dating is becoming more popular throughout many cultures everyday. We can’t change people’s opinions but we can attempt to educate to put an end to these myths once and for all.

Be loved, be joyous and be happy!

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