The Men of Whiskey Creek: Dillon


For years, Dillon Anderson has waited for Lark to realize he’s in love with her. He’s sat back and watched her go through one failed relationship after another…biding his time. The opportunity for him to finally have Lark to himself arises when she shows up at his bar wearing a barely there dress, a desire to get pissed-face drunk, and what she thinks is a broken heart. It’s up to him to show her what true love really is. 

Lark Singletary is finished with relationships. After finding her boyfriend in a compromising position, she vows to never again give her heart to another. She’s been hurt far too often. From now on she’s strictly a love-them-and-leave-them gal. That is, until Dillon Anderson turns his sights on her. Can she risk her heart again? Or will she let her insecurities keep her from the one man who’s ever made her feel like a woman, and run away from what just might be true love?