What's the Scenario Wednesday: Chemistry 101

Welcome again to What’s the Scenario Wednesday.  This week’s theme is Chemistry 101. This week I’ve done something a little different. Below I have listed a few scenes from my upcoming release, Through the Fire coming soon from Beautiful Trouble Publishing. Enjoy!

Setting: Texas. The wedding reception of Diamond Shaw and Rafe Carmichael. Can you remember a time in your life when you have either been at an event of some sort, a bar, a park, a party or even the library, and you ran into that one person that ties you in a knot? Your heartbeat accelerates with anticipation with what could be, could have been, or in anticipation of what’s to come. Are your senses heightened more if it’s someone you’ve already been intimate with, or a stranger? The sexual chemistry is undeniable. Yet you still play the game. Does the chase intensify the chemistry? Enquiring minds wants to know.
Come on I know you as the reader want to know too. Join me on the journey of Dominique and Brandon as the chemistry between the two is SIZZLING!

Set-up:  **Warning these are little snippets from my upcoming novel, and not full excerpts**
Snippet one: The reception: The brown-eyed beauty had been intentionally avoiding him all day. He’d tried several times to speak with her. Each time, she’d given him the slip.  She’d been using her family as a shield all day, which was a pretty bratty trick, since none of their family knew they’d ever had a relationship.  Anyway, the hell with family.  He needed to talk with her. Not here, not now, but soon. Like, tonight soon.
Brandon looked down at his watch. This reception would be in swing for at least another hour. Why the hell were receptions so damn long anyway? He was sure the bride and groom were anxious to be gone. He would’ve been.
Snippet two: The reception:
Sighing, Brandon ordered another drink from the bar. “Scotch straight.”
Nodding, the bartender quickly fixed his drink and slid it across the bar.
Thanking the bartender, Brandon’s gaze swept the room again, seeking out Dominique willing her to look his way.
His father’s voice interrupted his eye-stalking.  “You okay, son?”
Brandon turned and looked into his father’s eyes before answering. “I’m fine Dad. Why do you ask?”
“Hmm, Chad’s sister looks beautiful doesn’t she?”
“Yes. Diamond makes a beautiful bride,” Brandon said shifting his gaze towards Diamond and Rafe.
“Yes, Diamond makes a stunning bride, but I wasn’t referring to Diamond, son. I was talking about Dominique.” 
Brandon glanced up at his father again. Did he know about him and Dominique? No. He was just making an observation.
Or was he? Who knew with his father?
“They’re a beautiful family, Dad,” Brandon responded cautiously.
“I don’t think Xavier and Chad would like being referred to as beautiful.” His father laughed before returning his eagle-eyed gaze. “You sure there’s nothing wrong, son? You haven’t been around much since that incident with Alisha.”
“I live in New York, Dad.  I’m not exactly around the corner,” Brandon hedged.  Though he wasn’t looking, his eyes immediately keyed in on Dominique.  She had stopped dancing and was making the rounds chatting up friends and relatives.  It was a nice thing to do but not necessary, especially since the bride and groom were also making the rounds. Brandon knew what she was up to; she was avoiding him. His eyes followed her every move, like a predator eying his prey.
Fine. Since she refused to come to him, he was going to her.
Dominique must’ve felt his eyes on her. She turned and their gazes locked. Brandon lifted his brow slightly and gave her his predatory smile. The look she returned was panic-stricken. He masked his smile with a cough into his hand to keep from laughing out loud. Dominique broke eye contact with him…but not before she gave a slight tilt of her chin towards the exit of the ballroom. She wanted him to follow her. His heart leapt in his chest. He gave a slight nod of understanding and watched the gentle sway of her slim hips as she exited the room. He waited a few endless seconds before following.
Snippet three: The barbeque
Okay, enough lollygagging, I need to get out of here and back to the hotel. First I need to get Brandon’s attention. I don’t have his room key and I am going to need it for what I’ve got planned.
She was going to give him the night of his life. 
Grinning at her spur-of-the-moment decision, Dominique took out her blackberry and sent Brandon a text message:  “Hey baby! I’m ready to go back to the hotel. I need your room key.”
Before she could think better of it, she hit the send button.
She watched out of the corner of her eye as Brandon frowned slightly and took out his phone to look at the message. Then his face lit up. He locked gazes with her for a moment. Then he dropped his head and started texting back.
Dominique felt a rush of excitement go through her at the dinging of her phone. She opened the text.  “It’s like that is it?” the message said. He even included a smiley face.
“Yes,” she texted back immediately.
“I’ll call the front desk tell them to leave a room key for my wife. Is that okay?” Another smiley face.
“That’s perfect. And I want the key to your real room, not the decoy.”
 She felt Brandon’s eyes on her and their gazes locked for another moment. Her cell phone dinged again.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive,” she typed. She was anything but positive, but now was not the time for doubts. She’d made her decision, dammit.
“Are you leaving now?”
“Yes. So don’t be long. I have something special planned for you.”
“Stop playing.”
“I’m not playing. Don’t keep me waiting.”
“I’ll give you a ten minute head start before I’m right behind you,” he texted.
“Twenty minutes.”
“Fifteen. Final offer. Get your sexy ass up and move it, wife.”
“Bossy, bossy.” His eyes narrowed dangerously, so she sent him another message that she knew he would like better. “All right, I’m moving it now.”
      “Love you, baby.”
“Love you too. See you. Fifteen minutes.” For no good reason, she felt tears begin to pool in her eyes and blinked them back before anyone could notice. Her phone dinged once again. Dominique read the text and the tears started to pool her eyes again.
“Be careful, baby.”
So like Brandon. “I will.”
End of snippets
Hopefully this scene will get you over the Wednesday hump!  Want to read more Chemistry 101, click on the author links below:

Tuesday Morrigan

Okaaaaaaaaaay! Blogging...

So what do I blog about? Hmm.

Hey, have blind people been given a license to drive? Why would I ask?

I’m driving down the street minding my own business when I see this old dude that’s been driving in front of me for about ten minutes at about 10 miles per hour. Me, I don’t go around old people unless there’s a lot of room to maneuver. So we’re driving along and all of a sudden old dude ventures into left lane, sideswiping the car in the lane, and then tried to pull off. Evidently something was stuck (insert laugh) because his car wouldn’t move. I pull to the side, the other guy gets out of his car, and then the old guy gets out.

GUESS WHAT old dude has on these really jet-black glasses and has a German Shepherd sitting in the front seat, LMBO! The guy that he hit looks at me…I look at him and we both start laughing. The guy in the other vehicle could only throw his hands up in the air and say, “You've gots to be kidding me.” Old dude was either blind or had just come back from getting his cataract done. I am betting on the blind.

I left them at the scene awaiting the police. I laughed all the way home.

Coming Soon!!