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Welcome! Week 2 day 14 of our Contest. Guess the Genre

This is a clip from a title I have been working on for a while. This will release after Sinjin and Asia’s story. The title may change as well. Enjoy!

Sensual Seduction

Copyright © 2012 Serenity King


They arrived at the gala in record time. The minute the limo came to a stop and George opened their door, flashing cameras were everywhere. The paparazzi descended upon them at once.

“Asia and Diamond, will you two be in the show tonight?” A mic was put in front of them.

“No comment,” Diamond answered.

“Alexis, is it true that someone’s been sending you death threats?”

Alexis gasped, but recovered quickly and put on an award-winning smile. “Please darling, I’m just here to support the children’s fund. I’m looking forward to a fabulous evening.” Just then, a tall, well-built man dressed in tuxedo appeared at their sides.

“Hello, ladies. Shall we go inside?” He said with a Louisiana drawl.

“Maximillien! What are you doing here?” Alexis asked.

“Not now, precious. Let’s go. We will talk about the letter’s you’ve been receiving later,” he whispered for her ears alone.

“How did—?”

A reporter jumped in front of them. “Are you two back together?”

Ignoring the question, they pushed their way through the crowd and into the establishment. They were escorted to a reserved table where they all took their seats.

 “Ah, Asia, thanks for giving me a heads-up about the threats,” Max said.

“You’re most welcome,” Asia responded.

“So that’s how you found out about the letters, Maximilien. Is that why you’re here?” asked Alexis.

“Damn straight. And I’m gonna kill the SOB when I get my hands on him,” Max said loudly, which gained him more than a few stares.

“Maximilien, keep it down. You’re drawing attention to us,” Alexis said. “Besides you don’t know that it’s a man.”

“Alexis, honey, I don’t give a flying fu—”

“Max!” Alexis shushed. “Please. This is not the time or the place.”

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Week 2: Day 12: Guess the Genre

The Powell's

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King

Tracey Powell listened on her headset as her sister spoke to her.

“That’s it Tracey. Yeah, you’re looking good, Sis!” Her sister Samantha, better known as Sam to family and friends, shouted into the headset.

Tracey gave a shout of laughter as she took another lap around the track, her speed accelerating—her hands gripping the wheel tighter as she did so. “She’s feeling sweet under me, Sam! We might have a chance to win the coming race yet. Whoo Hoo!! Team Powell is on the rise”!

“Don’t get too excited, Sis, it’s just a training run. We still have a long way to go. I must say you are looking terrific out there.”

“Damn straight, Sis! This car has some extra kick to it. I love it!” Tracey said with another bark of laughter.

“Yes, well your two arch rivals are looking super too. I hate to say it, but Shane and Daniel both look terrific out there.”

Tracey snorted. “Daniel’s on our team, Sam. As for Shane, I’ll beat the smugness out of him yet.”

“Daniel’s on team Daniel,” her sister snorted into the earpiece. After this lap bring her in.”

“Roger that, Sam,” Tracey said.

Everyone was on the edge during race week leading up to the big race. Tracey and Sam both had been shocked when their father and brother had announced that they’d picked someone other than her to represent the Powell’s this year, Daniel Ashby. Daniel was decent but not better than her. Granted she’d had a run of rotten luck, but that was under the direction of Daniel.

Daniel had been her trainer, or, so she thought. Apparently, he’d just been trying to get on the team, or rather to take her spot on the team. She’d been hurt at first when the announcement had been made…now she didn’t give a damn. She just wanted redemption. Her family wanted to make a name in stock car racing, and they thought Daniel was the man to do it. No-one expected a mere “girl” to win the race.  

Tracey needed this win. Charlotte was not her track. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t win on this track. This year she’d practiced and practiced and was now feeling more confident under the leadership of her sister.

“Okay, baby, open up for me and show me what you got,” she said to the car. A glance at the tachometer as she picked up speed told her that she was in pretty solid shape so far.

“Yes, come on baby, we have this one.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth she felt a bump that sent her car spinning out of control. She moved into the direction of the spin trying to right the car without jerking it and causing considerable damage to herself and the car just before she fishtailed into the ramp and flipped over.

Week 2: Day 11: Guess the Genre

Welcome! Guess the Genre continues. Sorry this is so late...had an appointment. This is a very rough draft of a WIP.



Andoisamu, Incorporated

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King

Hiroto Andoisamu was sitting in one of his favorite restaurants waiting on his brother, Atsushi, and his three cousins, Akio, Daichi, and Katsumi to arrive. All of which were business his partners, a part of Andoisamu, Incorporated. They were all meeting to discuss their latest assignment.

Andoisamu, Inc. consisted of several different business ventures. One of which was the restaurant he was sitting in now—Kisumu, located in midtown, New York. Kisumu specialized in Japanese and American cuisine. The only person in the restaurant that knew that he was the owner was the manager, Soko. Hiroto preferred to keep it that way. He owned the restaurant in name only the operation of the restaurant was under the sole leadership his manager.

Hiroto looked around the establishment. The place was already filling up. He knew that the restaurant was by reservation only, and some reserved months in advance for dinner—although they took reservations for lunch there was usually enough seating to accommodate patrons without reservations.

The conversations were energetic…not overly rowdy. One could still carry on a conversation with a companion and be heard. The people that patronized this established ranged from the businessmen and women, to actors, actress, and even some reporters. Hiroto’s musings were interrupted by a rather obnoxious group of young men sitting at a table across from him.

“Hiroto, how long have you been waiting?”

 Hiroto looked up into the smiling face of his cousin, Daichi. “Not long,” he responded and watched as Daichi took a seat directly in front of him.

“Good. Akio and Katsumi will be here in a minute. Where’s Atsushi?”

“I don’t know. He said he would be here after made sure everything was secured,” Hiroto said with a shrug of his shoulders. “It is not like him to be late and not call. I will wait for the…”

 Hiroto was interrupted from what he was about the say from a loud noise at the table across from them which held an obnoxious group of stock brokers. He knew that they were brokers just from the conversation they were having—at least most of them were. The table sat 10 people.

“Hmmm, maybe they should slow down on the nihonshu,” Daichi scowled.

“I think so too,” Hiroto commented his left eye twitched something it often did when he was annoyed. He didn’t care for the conversation the young men were having. From the corner of his eye he noticed Soko walking briskly towards the group of men. Hiroto visible relaxed as he watched Soko handle the situation.

“Uh oh. We may have trouble, Hiroto,” he heard Daichi say his voice full of humor.

“What kind of trouble?” Hiroto answered, his gaze following in the direction of Daichi’s. There was their assignment sauntering proud, as if she were walking a runway for a Ms. America contest, could towards them. Shoulders straight, hair pulled away from her caramel face in a clip, black leather dress, and the sexiest pair of black stilettos. Hiroto eyed her from head to toe. She was a sight to behold—a sight that was not supposed to be here.  

“Hm, wonder what she did with Atsushi?” Daichi chuckled.

Hiroto had a headache right between the eyes. This was turning out to be one of the worst assignments they’d taken on yet. Kamora Coleman was turning out to be a pain in his ass. How one woman managed to evade most of his team was beyond him. There was only one thing he could do to keep her safe—guard her himself.

Hiroto braced himself and waited for her to approach their table.

“Hello gentlemen,” Hiroto heard the rich sound of her voice and looked her straight in her beautiful rich brown eyes—eyes that held challenge as she glared at him.

“Where is Atsushi, Kamora?” He asked quietly, noticing the two men that came into the restaurant just as Kamora entered. They’d followed her he knew. Hiroto could tell by their gestures. The fact that they sat down at the table with the rowdy bunch made him uneasy.

“How should I know, Hiroto? He’s your brother. Now if you gentlemen will excuse me, my table awaits. Tootles,” she whispered, wiggled her fingers and went to move past him. Hiroto wasn’t having it. He was out of his seat and grabbed her by the hand before she could move past him.

“Daichi fill the others in. I have to get her out of here,” he said, then spoke to him their native language—advising him to watch the two gentlemen that had just walked in, as he swiftly led Kamora out of the restaurant.

Week 2: Day 10 of our Contest: Guess the Genre

Welcome to Week 2 Day 10 of our contest. This is from a current WIP that will release soonest. Enjoy!

A Tryst at Midnight

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King


Piero Alesi watched the brown-skinned woman, Adanna, his cousin Carina’s best-friend, as she punched the ball over the net. Carina was right on her heels barking orders. Piero had to laugh. Carina was a handful. She was below average height at about 5’2”, curvaceous, with long, wavy, dark hair that she’d highlighted. Adanna, on the other hand, was taller and had a slim, flattering figure. Her shapely frame accentuated her height impeccably. A small waist, a lush ass, and breasts that weren’t large or small. They were just right and would fit perfectly in his palms.

The swimsuit she wore was on the revealing side. To his unpracticed eye, it looked like a few pieces of material sawn together. She wore a cover-up that didn’t cover much as far as he was concerned. From the looks that some of his male relatives were giving her, Piero knew that they were thinking the same thing. His family was and always had been a rowdy bunch. It was how most large Italian families were.

A sudden screech had Piero snapping his head around. Apparently Adanna had been hit in the head with the ball. His body stiffened and then relaxed as Adanna shook it off and continued to play.

“Is it the game or the women that have your utter attention, Piero?”

Piero glanced up at his cousin Nicco. He didn’t want to let it show that he was annoyed that his cousin had interrupted his quiet observation of…well, not women. There was only one woman who held his attention. Adanna. He wouldn’t tell Nicco that.

“Both, Nicco.” He smiled at his cousin.

“Ah, I know what you mean,” Nicco said taking a seat in one of the lounge chairs next to him. “Beauty to behold, no?”

Piero peeked at him from half closed lids, wondering just who Nicco was talking about, especially considering the majority of the women were relatives. Piero followed his cousin’s gaze just to be sure. Piero loved his cousin dearly and didn’t want to cause him bodily harm, but if he was watching Adanna, Piero would hurt him. For sure Nicco fancied himself a lady’s man. He was. They both were. However, Adanna was not one to be toyed with. Not by his cousin or anyone else for that matter.

Sure enough, Nicco’s gaze landed on Adanna.

“Do not get hurt, Nicco,” Piero said quietly, not taking his eyes off of Adanna.

“I could say the same to you, Piero,” Nicco retorted.

“You could. But you won’t,” Piero said, giving his cousin a deadly stare.

“You just came home from being in Italy for over two years. How have you staked a claim on a woman who has not had contact with you on any level?” Nicco asked with a cocky grin. “I see her all the time.”

“Adanna is off limits, Nicco.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, Piero. I think that it is time to add some chocolate to my diet…no?”

“Then I suggest you get yourself a chocolate bar or find yourself another supply. Else you will find yourself at the hands of one pissed off Italian cousin…no?” He lowered his voice. “Do not play this game, Nicco, or I will snatch your heart out of your chest with my bare hands.”
Nicco gave a boisterous laugh. “Stake your claim or lose the game, Piero,” he said before getting up and leaving Piero pissed off and alone.

Week 2: Day 9 of our Contest - Guess the Genre

Welcome to Week 2: Day 9 of our month-long contest. Here’s another Guess the Genre:



Copyright © 2012 Serenity King


Monty squirmed around in his bed seemingly not being able to get comfortable—the sheets a tangled mess around his bare hips. The dream gripped him as a vice—not letting go. No matter how hard he tried to open his eyes, like a time travel he was pulled back in to what appeared to be a black-hole. He knew that nothing good would come from the darkness that surrounded him—still he fought it.

Something was wrong—he knew it—he could feel it. He’d felt it all week long. The feeling had led him to his cabin. His cabin was the place where he often came to collect his thoughts—a place where he could be himself—run free to do whatever he wanted to do without having to provide answers to questions he didn’t want or need. This was Monty’s domain. So why was something or someone trying to intrude on his seclusion?

A piercing sound echoed off the walls of his mind. Monty fought again to open his eyes—nothing. Then he heard it again. This time clearer than before. A woman’s screams filled his overly sensitive ears. His nose twitched...picking up several scents—all recognizable but one. Monty’s nose twitched again as if trying to inhale the distinctive scent. It was the scent of a woman—a new woman—one that didn’t belong. His eyes snapped opened on their own accord and immediately scanned the darkness of his bedroom and frowned. Nothing.

The sound of running footsteps had Monty up, out of his bed, and running to the front room of his cabin leading to the door. The loud scream pierced his ears again. He answered with a growl and set out in a dead run. His feet never touch the porch railings as he jumped off the porch—his normally stormy gray eyes now glowed yellow as he shifted mid-air. He ran through the trees through the darkness of the wild. The closer he got to the woman’s screams, the faster he ran. The wail that radiated from his lips this time was much harsher—dangerous.

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I will leave you with an inspirational quote for the day. Enjoy!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." ~Helen Keller

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Day 07 of Contest: Guess the genre

Title: Foreplay on Neutral Ground

Author: Serenity King

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King
Welcome to Day 7 of the contest and Day 03 of Guess the Genre. Please note all material (i.e. excerpts, flashes, short stories, etc.) on serenitykingsblog and serenitykingexpressions.blogspot.com are copyrighted material.

Thank you! Enjoy!

Unedited excerpt

Without saying a word, Tanner released her hands, took hold of her hips, lifted her off the ground, turned and walked with her in his arms into the stables. There he slid her slowly down the front of his body letting her feel the full effect she was having on him.

Although he let her feet touch the ground he didn’t release her ass. Instead he palmed her generous curves tighter giving each ass cheek a slight squeeze in the process.

“Now, you want to tell me what this is all about,” he whispered heavily bringing his lips down to touch hers and running his tongue across her lips.

Lainey caught her breath. “Uh, Tanner, what are you doing?” she murmured against his lips.

Tanner didn’t answer her question. But he did ask one of his own. “You first, where were you going dressed like this?” he demanded placing tiny kissing against the crook of her neck, cheek and back across her lips.

“I—I,” she started then cleared her throat. “I’m meeting Lester for lunch,” she answered on a strangled voice.

He lifted his head and glared down at her. “I don’t think so sugar,” he barked out. “You will not be meeting up with Lester today or any other day. You damn sure won’t be meeting anybody dressed like you are now.”

“Look-a-here, you can’t tell me who I can and cannot see. Nor what I can or cannot wear,” she stormed.

Tanner brought his mouth down hard on hers stopping her flow of words. Prying her lips apart he slipped his tongue between her teeth. He was frustrated, tired and jealous. The kiss was hot. Bringing his hand up from her ass he caught the back of her head with one of his big hands and angled her head to the side, granting his better access to her tongue. Their tongues danced and dueled together in a ferocious dance of power and submission.

He used his other hand to bring her closer into his growing erection and rubbed the lower part of her into his cock. They both groaned simultaneously.

Tanner felt pleasure so great his breath caught in his chest, blood rushed straight to his cock causing it to twitch against her hot center. “Umm,” he murmured tearing his mouth away from hers. “Damn baby, I want you bad.”

“Tanner what are you talking about?” she choked out trying to grasp air back into her lungs. “We can’t do this. I hate you remember.”

His chest grumbled with laughter. “We can and we will. Hate me all you want you still want me and I can prove it,” he said backing her up against one of the beams in the stable, his hand immediately going to the front clasp of her jeans, undoing it and slipping his hand inside of her underwear; his fingers stifling through her short curls to play with her little nubbin, then straight to her hot box. She sucked in his finger like a vacuum. Damn she was tight. Oh hell is already hard cock was getting harder. His zipper grew tight against him. It was starting to be painful.

He fingered her deeply working his finger in and out of her. She was making little mulling sounds. Good. He wanted her out of control. He’d waited years to get this close to the elusive Lainey Dent. Each and every time he’d seen her around town or at one of the town’s dances with one guy or another, he’d wanted to rip the guy’s head off. He worked her pussy while simultaneously slipping a hand between them to undue the top button and pushing it open. Not bothering with preliminaries he pushed the bra up over one of her breast and quickly leaned down to draw her nipple between his lips and suckle.

“Oh My God!” she cried out. Her breathing was ragged and she was gyrating against his finger. He felt her hands in his hair, pulling in closer to her breast. “So good…so good.”

Tanner continued to work her clit while simultaneously lapping on her nipple; alternating between sucking the pointed peeks into his mouth and running his teeth lightly across her erect nipple. The chocolate tip hardened even more against his assault.

She was so responsive he could have come right then and there. He couldn’t wait to get her in his bed. She was on the verge. He could feel it. Her pussy was grasping his finger so tight and vibrating against it. He rewarded her by inserting a second finger.

“Oh…My…Damn!” She squealed again. “Tanner?”

Tanner removed his lips from her breast long enough to answer her plea. “Come on, baby, let go,” he whispered blowing on her breast and watching her shiver against him. She was holding back. He didn’t know why. Maybe she was scared. He wasn’t having it.

“I…can’t,” she cried breathlessly.

“Yes, you can. Come now,” he declared hooking his finger up inside of her and scissoring her while pulling her puckered nipple into his mouth. That was all it took. She screamed her release. Her juices flowed down his fingers and onto his hand.

He held onto her until the last of her shivers had subsided. “Damn that was a beautiful sight,” he proclaimed as he removed his lips from her breast to plant a hard kiss on her lips.

Her breathing was ragged. “I can’t believe I just did that with you. Oh man, I’m supposed to be having lunch with Lester,” she cried letting her head fall back against the beam and exposing her neck to him.

Another Guess the Genre: Day 06

I apologize for not posting yesterday. Had an emergency and was gone the majority of the day. By the time I got home it was too late to post.

Can you guess the genre?
Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King
Hint: The title is in the text

Ava sat behind her desk—the contents of her case file were in messy disarray atop her desk. A sharp knock at her door startled her—she jumped, the file she was reading slipped from her fingers and onto Ava’s already chaotic desk.

“Ben,” she breathed, placing one hand over her rapidly beating heart.
“I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m leaving. It’s getting pretty late. You should wrap it up and get out of here,” he said.

Ben, the senior partner and founder of the firm was always looking out for his people. He was usually the first one in the office, and the last to leave—which meant it was pretty late if he was leaving.
“Wha…what time is it?” She asked.

“It’s after 10 o’clock. Pack up. I will walk you to your car. We are the only ones left in the building. Even the security guard has left.”

“No go ahead. It will take me a few minutes to fix this mess,” she smiled up at him.

Ben flashed her that famous killer-watt smile of his—her heart skipped a beat.

“No. I don’t think so. We will walk out together. Do what you have to do. I have an engagement tonight,” he said patiently.

“Go ahead…”

“Ms. Meeks, let’s go,” he barked.

Uh oh, I guess his patience has run out. Ben’s tone alone left no room for argument. It was his stance and the twitching of his left eye that had Ava throwing papers haphazardly into the folder.

“See that wasn’t so bad, now was it?” He smiled, held her office door open, waited for her to go before him, and then followed closing the door after him.

“Ah no,” she said walking down the carpeted hall toward the elevator with him on her heels.

“What’s kept you here so late?” He asked.

“I was just going over a case file and time got away from,” she responded.

The elevator dinged. He waited for her to get in first, and then followed. He pressed the ground floor button that led to the parking garage.

A thought occurred to her. What was he doing on the second floor anyway? His office was on the top floor.

“What were you doing on the second floor?” She asked, frowning up at him, and then quickly realized her error. Shit. Open mouth insert foot.

“Hmm. It’s my building. I am the founder and senior partner. I can go where I please,” he smiled.

Good he wasn’t angry. A great person to work for still she’d heard about his temper. She’d spoken out of turn. The honorable thing to do would be to apologize. It would be. She wouldn’t. He still hadn’t answered her question.

The elevator dinged at the ground floor level—the doors quietly opened, and they got out.
Ava noticed that there were about half a dozen cars in the large parking garage. She spotted the brake lights of two cars parked next to each—a sign that they were leaving too.

“Which one’s yours?” She heard him ask.

“I’m over there,” she said pointing to her convertible a few rows down in front of the stone wall.

“The car fits you,” he said.

Ava wasn’t touching that one. She’d already put her foot in her mouth once tonight. “I am ok now. No need to walk me a few paces when your car is right here. You can see me from here,” she murmured.

“Indulge me,” he said taking her by the elbow and walking towards her car.

She had just clicked the alarm to unlock her door when the sound of screeching tires caught both of their attention. There was a loud pop, and then the sound of shattering glass.

Before she knew what was happening, Ben dragged her between the wall and the car, and pushed her to the ground—his large body covered hers.

“Stay down,” he whispered huskily.

Hell you didn’t have to tell her twice. She was a shivering mess. Ava didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that a shot had been fired. What the hell.

“OhmyGod! I think that was a gunshot,” she heard a woman say in the distance.

“It was,” a male voice said. “Call the cops.”

The sound of screeching tires again filled the parking garage. This time the sound came from the opposite direction…then nothing.

Ava’s body shook uncontrollably.

“I think whoever it was is gone now,” Ben whispered in her hair.

“I…think…so…too,” her voice trembled. Was somebody shooting at her? Why? She didn’t have any enemies that she knew of. So the person had to have been shooting at Ben.

“Who’s after you,” they both said simultaneously.
Okay Ladies and Gents,

I put something together for fun. I am just trying little things out. This is a little short story. Remember it is not edited. I just wrote it this morning. Excuse the bad grammar, etc.
All you all need to do is read and see if you can figure out the genre. Here we goooo!


Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King

Unedited: Adult language
Keisha was in the kitchen mixing cucumbers and tomatoes in tossed salad. Her sister Sade and mom had gone to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute items. The Phillips family never did anything in moderation. At 23, Keisha was the oldest of six. Hell, her parents weren’t that much older than she was. What was supposed to have been a simple cookout for the immediate family had turned into a full-out barbecue for most of the neighborhood kids and a few of her cousins.
“If it was too hot to cook dinner inside, why the hell was the stove on?”

Her dad was just supposed to be cooking a few hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages. Somehow they’d ended up with chicken, ribs, steak, and baked macaroni and cheese, all in the oven on warm.
Keisha finished with the salad and put it in the fridge alongside the potato salad, macaroni salad, and Kool-Aid. Shaking her head she could only smile at the outrageousness of it all. She closed the refrigerator door, and then turned to go outside to join her brothers and cousins in a game of basketball out front. Keisha was halfway through the house when she heard a loud commotion, and the raised voices outside. She recognized one as that of her father. No doubt the others were of her siblings.

“Uh oh,” she groaned. “Something was about to go down.” Keisha raced outside to see what was going on.

Outside her sister Rochelle and cousin Tanisha, were arguing with a girl/woman who was about three times bigger than they were, her brothers, Kion and Terrence were going back-and-forth with some dudes that were on motorcycles. One of the dudes, Boogie, Keisha knew was the brother of, Tina, the girl who was up in her sister’s face, and her father was yelling for the younger kids to get inside. That wasn’t happening.

Keisha ran off the porch and towards her sister and cousin.

“What the hell are you doing up in these kids face like that Tina?” She shouted, stepping in front of her sister and cousin to face Tina.

“Bitch, I’ll step to whoever I want to and it a’int a damn thing you can do about it,” Tina yelled, lifting her hand as if to put her finger in Keisha’s face.

Keisha reacted instantly. Standing flat footed—legs slightly apart for balance, she bawled up her fist and delivered three succinct punches to Tina’s face before the girl could blink—Tina hit the ground hard.

Tina’s father—a big man with more brawn than brains, came running out of his house from next door, and straight towards Keisha. Suddenly she was pushed so hard out-of-the-way that she stumbled.

The only thing she saw was her dad’s big-assed fist as it landed in dude’s face. Dude staggered back as if in a daze—but didn’t fall. He came charging at her father again. Her father didn’t move. He stood stock-still in a boxing stance and waited. An uppercut, a punch in the gut, and another blow upside that head, and Tina’s father was out for the count.

Stupid ass, Keisha thought as she looked over at Tina’s father on the ground. Kion Phillips, Sr., wasn’t a particularly large man—standing at about five-feet eleven inches, 180 pounds, mostly muscle. He’d been a street boxer for years. Street boxing had been his hustle.

“Oh hell,” she moaned. There was an all-out brawl going on in the Phillips’ yard.

The sound of police sirens in a distance her whipping her head around in the direction of the sirens. Her mother and sister pulling up in front of the house—cops right behind them. Before the car had come to a complete stop, her mother was out of the passenger’s side of the car with a bottle in her hand. No doubt ready to start swinging.

Juanita Phillips was no joke. A quiet woman until you messed with her children. Mess with any one of her children and you best believe it was war. As evidenced by the bottle in her hand. Her mother lifted her arm to bring the bottle down on some big assed dude’s head. Evidently her mother hadn’t seen the police cars behind her, or she just didn’t care. Her mother’s arm went up and so did the handcuffs that were slapped on her wrist—arm still in the air. The Officer used her cuffed arm to bring it down behind her where he cuffed her other wrist and place her in the backseat of the patrol car.

“Daddy,” she yelled. “They got momma.” Keisha watched her father racing across the yard towards her mother. There were police cruisers and wagons everywhere.

The Phillips simple barbecue resulted in a trip to the police station, and several arrest being made.

Riddle: Day 03 of Contest

Happy Tuesday!!!

Today I thought we’d just have little fun. Yay!

Who can solve the RIDDLE?

There was a family of four that lived in a round house. There was the mother, father, sister, and brother.  They heard the sister scream. The sister was found dead. The mother said she was in the kitchen, the father said he was in the living room sitting in his corner chair reading the paper, and the son was playing video games in his room. Who killed the sister?

Have fun!!!


Monday-Day 02 of Contest

Morning/Afternoon/Evening :)! It is now DAY 02 of our month-long contest…Whoot!!!
Randomness, hehehe:

So, late last night I was working on cleaning up a manuscript for submission and for some reason when I looked at my email screen, I saw in big letters the word ‘sperm’. Of course, I was like WTH! I tried deleting, and it wouldn’t delete. Me, tired, and getting cranky because nothing is panning out the way I want it to, I call my son over.

Me: Grrrr can you come over here and delete this off of my laptop. I don’t have time for someone sending me Sperm emails today.

Son: Ma, what are you talking about?

Me: I think it’s that same dude that was sending pictures of his body parts to my FB page before.

Son: I thought you blocked him.

Me: I did (frustrated sigh). Just deleted it! (still working on my MS on my desktop).

Son: Okay, calm down.

Me: rambling about nothing really.

Son: Ma, what sperm? I don’t see anything about sperm.

Me: Big frustrated sigh…See right here? Jabbing my finger at the screen.

Son: Ma, go to bed. That’s your ‘spam’ folder. You can’t delete the word spam you can only delete what’s in the folder.

Me: Oh…okay. Thank you. *ROTFL*

I swear I think I’m a little dyslexic lately and a whole lot of ADHD.

That’s what frustration will do to you…make you hallucinate.

Quote for the day:

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back". ~Harvey MacKay

Happy Sunday!!

Today starts our month-long contest. The only thing you will have to do is respond to a post, ask a question, or just simply say hello with your email address for a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes. You do not have to respond to a post every day, however, each day you respond gives you a greater chance of winning. You can respond here, my Facebook, or my other blog http://serenitykingexpressions.blogspot.com.

To start the day off here's a little quote:

"The only limits in your life are those that you set for yourself." ~Celestine Chua



Happy Friday!!! Contest Rules

Rules of the contest

The contest will run from July 15-August 15, 2012. You will have until midnight on August 15th in your time zone to post.

ü  Each week you will post either a comment to a post on either of my blogs or ask a question. All comments and questions will be moderated. I ask that the comments and or questions be respectful. Any disrespectful comments will not be published, and you will not have a chance to enter the contest for that day.

ü  I have three (3) publishing houses, Beautiful Trouble Publishing, Mocha Memoirs Press, and Shara Azod, LLC, a question will be asked about one or all of these pubs.  No, the contest does not only consist of knowing my works because not all do. However, I will ask a question about one of my books weekly. It’s only fair.

ü  I will try to make the contest FUN and informative, hehehe.

ü  Prizes that have to be MAILED are limited to US and Canada only…sorry.

The prizes include:

Amazon, Visa/MasterCard,  B&N, and Beautiful Trouble Publishing  gift certificates of $100, $50, $25, and $10. Other prizes to be announced.

NOTE:  The $100 gift certificate will be from Amazon or Visa/MasterCard.  Times are hard, and school is starting back soon. This way you can do what you want with the GC. The other GCs will be from any of the above listed vendors.

Any questions? If I missed something, please let me know.

This will be the last email before the contest. Thank you.



So Cool!!!


Just wanted you all to know that the website and blog are still under construction at this time. However, I will still be using both throughout the process. For those of you who have written me about my books, I appreciate you and the time it took for you to write me. Please know that I did not delete your comments intentionally. I lost my previous blog along with two years’ worth of content :(. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Oh well, life goes on.

I look forward to rebuilding this blog to be even better than the one before. With you alls help, of course.


From the 15th of July thru the 15th of August 2012, I will be hosting a contest. The prizes will include: Monetary gifts, $100 gift certificate, $50 GC, $25 GC, and $10 GC. There will also be various other prizes. The rules of the contest will be posted on Friday, July 13th. Trust me the rules will not be anything outlandish.

I thank you all for from the bottom of my heart for your support. Wishing all of you good luck. Most of all...let's have FUN!

ALSO, Mocha Memoirs Press is still having its 31 days in July celebration. That's right. 31 days of steamy, sexy, short stories for just $1.00. AND you can win a prize. All you have to do is go over to the Mocha's blogspot and leave a comment. Don't forget to pickup a one of these Mocha bites. They are HOT! Lots of FUN in the SUMMERTIME!!!

Happy reading!!!