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It's Monday! :-(

Happy Monday!

Monday's are hard to get into. Especially a Monday after the holiday. Now that Thanksgiving is over, my belly is full and the kids are back in school, it's time to get out the Christmas decorations. Yay! I love the holidays.

Well since I am under a deadline this week will be split between writing and decorating. Anyway, try to enjoy your Monday!

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Here it is!!!!

Caress My Body
Part Two
Copyright 2010 by Serenity King (all rights reserved)

Sinclair hadn’t heard when the sexy stranger standing there ogling her entered her house. How did he get in? Granted the music was blaring but she surely would have heard a window being broken if he had entered through one.
Okay, think Sinclair. He didn’t look like a rapist or murderer; nor did he look as if he’d have a problem getting a lady, or several for that matter, willingly. But then again, what did a rapist or murderer look like?
One thing was sure, if Mr. Fine was a rapist, murderer or both he wouldn’t get to her without a fight.
Sinclair searched her brain for something. Anything. She was too far away from the phone to put in a call to 911 and her cell phone was in her bedroom down the hall. She could probably make a run for it but doubted very seriously that she’d make it across the room in her stilettos.
Think Sinclair. Think. Damn how do I get myself into these situations? I will not panic. Too late for that I’m already in meltdown. Okay, the trick is not to let my fear show. Let the stranger think I’m in control.
 Hell, she thought, bouncing from one foot to the other.
Some of what she was thinking must have shown on her face; she noticed Mr. Fine’s eyes bulge and it appeared as if he was getting ready to make a move. Sinclair’s instincts clicked in and before she knew it she had picked up the first thing in her vicinity, a candle stick holder, and thrown it across the room at his head. Next went her half drunken glass of red wine.
Did he just say, “Honey I’m home?”  
Jonas ducked just in time to miss the candle stick holder that she flung at him, then hit the floor to keep from being hit by the glass of wine.
Who the hell are you?” Sinclair screamed, looking around for something else to throw at him. All traces of fear gone… survival took over. She was not going out without a fight.
“Who the hell I am? Just who are you, Lady?” he yelled back. “Do you normally break into homes, dance naked, than try to kill a person because he has the decency to look at you?”
“Break into homes? I didn’t break into anyone’s home! You’re the intruder. I have a brand new deed to show for this home, and I’m warning you, you won’t take me alive. And, if you kill me, trust, my family will hunt you down like a dog and put you out of your misery.”
A deep frown furrowed Jonas’ brow. “What the hell are you talking about? Your home? New deed? Kill you?” Jonas’ insides tightened. He couldn’t think properly with her breast jingling and her long legs parted, giving him full view to her sex. Not that he didn’t appreciate the view, but his gut told him something about this whole scene wasn’t right and that he needed to start thinking with the head on his shoulders not the one between his legs.
First he needed to calm her down before she brained him. Jonas noticed her eyes scanning the room for another weapon. “Listen, will you calm down for a minute and let’s figure out what’s going on here? I assure you, I am not trying to kill you.”
“Sure you’re not,” she tossed back. “I’m not letting you assault me either. You’d better be prepared for the fight of your life buddy.”
“Assault? Woman! I’ve never assaulted a female in my life. In any way, shape or form. Seriously! Do I look like a rapist?” He risked another look up at her from his embarrassing position on the floor.
“I have no idea. Did Ted Bundy look like a serial killer? I don’t think there’s a particular look that a serial killer has.”
Jonas’ lips twitched in a smile. She did have a point. Bundy was a classic case of looks-can-be deceiving. But, hell, if he was a rapist he would have pounced on her the moment he opened his front door and saw her swaying her delectable almost bare body to the music. Jonas was pleased she was using some common sense, but, damn, he wasn’t up to getting his head bashed in. Nor did he want to hurt her trying to defend himself.
Jonas felt the pain behind his eyes before he saw what had caused it. He shook his head to clear it as her stiletto fell to the floor beside him. She was out for blood, he thought as he quickly scurried behind the nearest sofa. “Dammit! Woman will you stop throwing things at me. I am not going to hurt you. I just want to get to the bottom of what’s going on.”
“No. If I take you out now it’ll save the taxpayers money on a trial,” she yelled. Picking up a Tiffany lamp, she hurled that at him as well. The glass shattered next to his feet.
 “Listen,” he shouted, “My name is Jonas Thorn, and I own this house. I’ve been living out of the country for the last two years, but--”
“Impossible. I bought this house from Jonas Thorn, and I’ve known him for two years. He is definitely not out of the country, and you are definitely not Jonas,” she interrupted.
“What the hell! Lady, I’m Jonas Thorn, and this is my house!” He yelled. “If you stop for a moment I will show you my ID.”
Go figure, the goddess in his house was crazy, a con artist, or both. It was just his luck and maybe his death if she didn’t stop trying to take his head off.
“Tell me anything. I’ll believe you,” she replied sarcastically, still scanning the room for more things to throw.
Okay that did it. Jonas hurtled off the floor and charged at Sinclair, scooping her up off her feet and over his shoulders before she knew what had hit her. He heard her shriek of surprise, but she kept fighting like a wildcat.  
“Put me down!”
“No. Not until you calm down.” Jonas winced and cried out as her nails slashed through his shirt and caught the bare skin of his back. “Will you cut that out?” He headed for the chair nearest him. At the rate she was wiggling around in his arms, if he didn’t sit soon they’d both be on the floor.
He gripped her buttocks and slid her down the front of his body. Damn, her breasts felt good against his already heated body. Her blazing center came into contact with his abdomen and he thought he’d have a coronary.
Oh, man, he needed to sit now. Jonas made his way over to the closest armchair with Sinclair still wiggling in his arms. He placed her firmly in a sitting position on his lap as he took his seat in the chair. The soft globes of her ass were now nestled against his growing cock. If she didn’t stop moving, she really would have a reason to be scared.
Too Late, she must have felt his arousal because she began fighting even harder.
 No!” she shrieked. “Let go of me!”
“I will as soon as you calm down.” He had no idea how he was managing to speak to her so calmly. The sweet smell of her perfume and her delectable backside was sending his senses into overdrive. Not to mention all of that wiggling she was doing up against him. “Keep still. I promise I am not going to hurt you.” He pinned her legs between his own and used his arms to restrain hers.  
“Yeah right. Your lips are saying one thing but a certain part of your body is saying something different.”
“Yes, well it’s only going to get bigger if you don’t stop wiggling on it. It’s sensitive you know.
Sinclair suddenly stopped moving. “Really?” she questioned. “What am I saying? I don’t know you.”
“Trust me it can and it will,” he said, than groaned low in his throat when she scooted her bottom against him again evidently in an attempt to right herself on his lap. “Please don’t do that again.”
“Do what again?”
“Push your ass back against me.”
“I didn’t push my ass back against you. I was trying to get off of your…never mind. Just let go of me.”
“If I let you go will you promise not to hit me? By the way, what is your name?”
“None of your business,” she hissed.
They both started at the sound of someone jostling the door handle. Whoever it was used a key to open the door. The man that walked in never bothered to look up before he started speaking.
“Hey, sorry I’m late,” he said, than stopped in his tracks, as he took in the scene before him. “Whoa!”
“Oh goodness,” Sinclair gasped.
“Dammit,” Jonas murmured, releasing her legs and shifting her on his lap.
Jonas watched as their visitor briefly glanced at the mess on the floor before looking at him, the woman on his lap, and back at him again.
 “I can explain,” Jonas said quickly. 

To be continued…

Happy Turkey Week!

Okay, it's been a little while since I've blogged about anything. Just wanted everyone to know that I'm working hard to get some new releases out by the New Year.

This year hasn't been a Great year, but it has been a Good year. Sickness and all. Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

I love this time of the year. The three F's are great. Family, Friends and Food, lol. Love it!

Have Fun, be Blessed, and Enjoy!

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New Release! Diamond's Seduction


Rafe sighed at the two cousins. They both knew full well what he was talking about but were trying to avoid answering his questions. Lord, trying to keep track of these two was going to give him heart failure. He turned back to Diamond. “Well, once your brothers find out about what happened last night, they’re going to feel much better about their sister running an investigation company. You two need bodyguards yourselves—how are you going to guard someone else? Part of an investigator’s job is to protect your client; which may include being his or her security.”

“I don’t need a bodyguard,” Diamond replied.

“I say you do,” Rafe replied in a controlled voice.

“And I say I don’t. But if I did, are you volunteering for the position?” she shot back, head tilted to the side, the challenge evident in her eyes.

Rafe gave her a bold stare. “Is that a challenge, Diamond? Be very careful what you ask for, sweetheart. You just might get it.”

Hot damn! She hadn’t expected that. Smiling up at him, she flipped her head, sending her neatly trimmed hair in a seductive wave across her shoulders.

“Oh really, when?” was Diamond’s blunt, yet seductive reply. She was challenging him and they both knew it. How far she could go had yet to be determined. At least she had gotten a reaction out of him. And his reply was getting a reaction out of her. An, “I may have to go home and change my panties” reaction. Shit yeah! She was being bold, but she had a feeling that he was worth it.

Blue eyes challenged light brown eyes. Rafe watched her for a second more before he leaned across her desk and whispered in her ear. “If you play with fire, Brown Eyes, you’re bound to get burned.”

His seductive voice sent a command directly to her clit, which started to pulse like a heartbeat. Diamond turned her mouth towards his ear and murmured, “Are you fire, baby? Or are you just blowing a lot of smoke?” Then she swiped his ear with her tongue.

“Wow! You two need a hose,” Asia fanned herself as she rose from her chair. “Should I leave and come back?” she asked, smiling.

Rafe was the first to recover. Hell, he’d forgotten that Asia was still in the room. “No. I came by to make sure that you two were all right. I have to get going. I’ll stop by later in the week.” He sat up and slid off Diamond’s desk. “To answer your question, Brown Eyes, I’m a hot-blooded, Native American man. I don’t blow smoke—I make it happen.” He winked at her.

Rafe’s words excited Diamond even more. She tried to hide her anticipation as they continued to stare each other down, neither conceding. Diamond’s breathing was rapid. Rafe appeared as calm as ever.

First Review for Simply Beautiful

Review: Simply Beautiful by Serenity King Simply Beautiful by Serenity KingPublisher: Beautiful Trouble PublishingGenre: Contemporary RomanceHeat Rating: 4 Blurb A defense attorney working for Cameron, Cameron & LaSalle, P.C., Alisha Carrington, hasn’t dated anyone since she was betrayed by her fiancé. Too afraid to risk

source:Happily Ever After Reviews

link:Full Article...


Hello, All!

Because of circumstances beyond my control (I was in the hospital) there has been a delay in posting the second installment of Caress My Body. I am hoping to have the second installment posted by the weekend. Thank you all for your continued support. It is much appreciated!



Caress My Body: First Installment: Jonas

Caress My Body: Part One: Jonas
copyrighted August, 2010 by Serenity King-All rights reserved.

Turning the key in the lock, Jonas opened the door to a gorgeous woman standing half naked in front of his fireplace, “Damn! Santa came early this year!” His eyes locked on her curvaceous body as she stood in front of the fireplace dancing to the blaring sounds of, Mariah Carey’s, Touch My Body. The only thing gracing her body was a pair of barely there thong panties and high-heel sandals. He gazed at her in shock. Obviously she wasn’t aware that he’d entered his residence. His eyes traveled down the expanse of her chocolate body, past the curved hips, stopping at a pair of incredibly long, well-toned legs in black strappy sandals. He lingered there for a moment, imagining those beautiful legs tangled with his in bed or wrapped around his waist.

The song repeated from the CD player. Entranced he watched as she performed this twisty thing with her body dropping down to the floor and sauntering slowly back up. He groaned low in his throat. Oh man, whoever she was, she worked it damn fine.

The song definitely fit the body or vice versa. He couldn’t be expected to use proper manners, and announce his presence with lust on his mind. Jonas quietly shifted from one foot to the other trying to adjust his growing cock behind the zipper of his jeans. He stood spellbound watching the vision before him continue to perform her private dance. With an audience of one.

Jonas bit down on his fist to keep from crying out as she began to touch her body in tune to the music.

Jonas held his breath not making a sound; afraid that if he moved she’d stop dancing and realize that he was there. “Oh man,” she wound her body from the floor up tantalizing him. His jaw dropped as, to his pleasure, she removed her panties, wiggling and tossing them behind her. In slow motion they sailed across the room, to land on his head. Jonas snatched the little scrap of black lace from his head and palmed them in his hand. He smelled a faint citrus perfume on them along with her womanly aroma. Mmmm-mmm!

“Oh my God!” Still oblivious to his presence, she moved on to fondle her breasts squeezing them together. Moving more erotically now, she began to sing along with the song. Her tone kept the pitch perfectly, only pausing for hitches in breath as she enjoyed her own touch.

Damned if he wouldn’t like to play with her. Whoever, she was. Nothing about her looked familiar. He hadn’t seen her face, but he was for sure he would remember a body like the one standing before him had she been in his bed

Oh man. Disappointment hit as the song winded down. Jonas got that nagging feeling in his gut, that when she realized he was there, there’d be hell to pay. The song was winding down and so was she. During the last line of the song, he watched her stop dead in her tracks. Surprise stared back at him. Her eyes stretched wide; her mouth stood open.

Jonas swallowed the lump in his throat that seemed to have robbed him of speech. His eyes traveled to the dark V-shape between her thighs. He traveled back up, taking in two of the most perfectly rounded breasts he had ever seen. Full, perky breasts with extended nipples made for sucking. “Its official; God loves me!” he thought.

Needing to be on safer territory, he looked up into her face, only to see shock and a trace of fear there. “Ah…honey I’m home,” he said with a questioning lift of his brow. Uh oh! This isn’t going to be pretty. “Oh SHIT!” he said, as he dodged the candle stick holder that came flying at his head.



Simply Beautiful Now In Print!!!

Hello All!

It's been a little while since I've posted. Sorry about that. I have been trying to finish a few stories and fine tune some as well. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that Simply Beautiful is now available in print form.

As always, I want to thank all of you for your continued support.

By the way, I received the draft of my new cover for Diamond's Seduction and it is Smokin'!!!

I promised a free read and hopefully by tonight you will see it posted. I will post a link to where the free read with appear.

Love you all,

click here for purchase of print book

Updates and Upcoming Contest!

Hello Everyone,
I haven't posted on the blog since I posted my new release Simply Beautiful. Simply Beautiful is doing great! Thanks to all who purchased a copy. If you haven't you can still do so from this blog, my website at or directly from the publishers site

Diamond's Seduction has a pending release date of July, 2010. You Are My Lady featuring Sinjin Cameron will directly follow...both stories have already been contracted. YAY!

Free Read...As promised a free read will be posting Very Soon!

Contest: I will be hosting a contest next week...There are some Awesome prizes.

I thank you all for your continued support. Love you guys!

Serenity King

Here It Is Ready For Purchase...Simply Beautiful! Yay!

Click here to purchase
All Rights Reserved by Author Serenity King

A defense attorney working for Cameron, Cameron & LaSalle, P.C., Alisha Carrington, hasn’t dated anyone since she was betrayed by her fiancé. Too afraid to risk her heart again, she has vowed to dedicate her life to building her career. Unbeknownst to Alisha, she has caught the eye of two very powerful men, Tristan Cameron and James Langston.

Tristan is more than a drop-dead gorgeous attorney. Undercover for the FBI, he has been using his family’s law practice in Atlanta as his front. Although he loves women, his undercover work is just too dangerous for him to commit to one woman. Summoned to New York by his brother, Tristan comes face-to-face with the one woman who can make him rethink his vows against commitment—Alisha. He’s tried to resist his attraction to the sexy African-American for years, but when Alisha’s life is threatened, he vows to keep her safe…and the powers-that-be help them both.

COMING SOON!!!! From Beautiful Trouble Publishing


A defense attorney working for Cameron, Cameron & LaSalle, P.C., Alisha Carrington, hasn’t dated anyone since she was betrayed by her fiancé. Too afraid to risk her heart again, she has vowed to dedicate her life to building her career. Unbeknownst to Alisha, she has caught the eye of two very powerful men, Tristan Cameron and James Langston.

Tristan is more than a drop-dead gorgeous attorney. Undercover for the FBI, he has been using his family’s law practice in Atlanta as his front. Although he loves women, his undercover work is just too dangerous for him to commit to one woman. Summoned to New York by his brother, Tristan comes face-to-face with the one woman who can make him rethink his vows against commitment—Alisha. He’s tried to resist his attraction to the sexy African-American for years, but when Alisha’s life is threatened, he vows to keep her safe…and the powers-that-be help them both.


This is my upcoming release Diamond's Seduction!...loving it!!! Check back soon for a release date.



Excerpt All Rights Reserved by Serenity King
“Damn, I must be crazy!” Star muttered, trying to climb through the half-opened window of Hudson Reese’s bedroom. “I hope y’all know this is completely insane!”

“Of course we know it’s insane—that’s why we tried to talk you out of it,” Paulette said sarcastically. “Although why we agreed to participate in your insanity is beyond me.”

“Hush up, Paulette,” Star said. “You agreed because we’re best friends and you love me.”

“Well, I’m not your best friend,” Skye piped up. “Tell me again why the hell I’m out here on one of the largest quarter horse ranches in North Carolina late at night, helping you climb in its owner’s window?” Skye asked.

Star looked down at her younger sister Skye. “Because you’re my sister, Skye. You’re supposed to help me. Now will the two of you shut up and hold the ladder still before we get caught! The last thing I need is to get caught breaking into Hudson’s house.”

Serenity New Blog

Hello All,

I am Serenity King. I am just checking to see how the post look.  Will be back soon to blog! :-))).