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Welcome! Week 2 day 14 of our Contest. Guess the Genre

This is a clip from a title I have been working on for a while. This will release after Sinjin and Asia’s story. The title may change as well. Enjoy!

Sensual Seduction

Copyright © 2012 Serenity King


They arrived at the gala in record time. The minute the limo came to a stop and George opened their door, flashing cameras were everywhere. The paparazzi descended upon them at once.

“Asia and Diamond, will you two be in the show tonight?” A mic was put in front of them.

“No comment,” Diamond answered.

“Alexis, is it true that someone’s been sending you death threats?”

Alexis gasped, but recovered quickly and put on an award-winning smile. “Please darling, I’m just here to support the children’s fund. I’m looking forward to a fabulous evening.” Just then, a tall, well-built man dressed in tuxedo appeared at their sides.

“Hello, ladies. Shall we go inside?” He said with a Louisiana drawl.

“Maximillien! What are you doing here?” Alexis asked.

“Not now, precious. Let’s go. We will talk about the letter’s you’ve been receiving later,” he whispered for her ears alone.

“How did—?”

A reporter jumped in front of them. “Are you two back together?”

Ignoring the question, they pushed their way through the crowd and into the establishment. They were escorted to a reserved table where they all took their seats.

 “Ah, Asia, thanks for giving me a heads-up about the threats,” Max said.

“You’re most welcome,” Asia responded.

“So that’s how you found out about the letters, Maximilien. Is that why you’re here?” asked Alexis.

“Damn straight. And I’m gonna kill the SOB when I get my hands on him,” Max said loudly, which gained him more than a few stares.

“Maximilien, keep it down. You’re drawing attention to us,” Alexis said. “Besides you don’t know that it’s a man.”

“Alexis, honey, I don’t give a flying fu—”

“Max!” Alexis shushed. “Please. This is not the time or the place.”

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