Happy Hump Day!!! Enjoy!

Welcome! This is week 03 of our contest. I’ve been out-of-pocket due to moving my office…what’s a girl to do without internet access, Lol.

I guess I need to learn how to post on my blog via my cell phone…nah.  Anyway, you all might recognize someone from this little short *grin*.

Happy Hump-Day everyone! Enjoy!

I Choose You

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King


Michael Alesi watched the caramel skinned woman from across the room. He recognized the man constantly vying for her attention, as his brother Nicco’s friend Marcello Perini. Michael had never cared for the young man and now he knew why. The bartender sat the drink down and front of the young woman, and she turned that is when he recognized her, Kendra Washington. The bartender distracted her while Marcello dropped something into her drink.

“You stupid fuck,” Michael barked.

“What?” He heard his companion say.

“Carmella, I must apologize I have an emergency. I will have a car take you home,” he said already out of his seat.

 “What emergency? Michael you promised,” Carmella whined.

“I did not promise I indulged you. However, now I have a true emergency. I will call you tomorrow,” he said more to get rid of her than truth. He knew that this was the end of their association. Carmella had begun to take liberties that were not afforded her by him. Especially since he knew that she’d slept with his brother Nicco. The two had no idea that he knew. He didn’t care enough that they should know.

“Make sure you do,” she snapped. “I am getting tired of waiting for you Michael.”

“As I have never asked you to wait for me, your empty threat is just that, empty. Our association is over. Goodbye. And before you even began to make a scene, give my regards to my brother,” he snapped, then turned and walked away, leaving her at the table.

He was too late. The young woman already had the drink up to her mouth and had taken a healthy swallow. Michael reached the young woman and gentle took the drink out of her hand.

“I would advise you not to take another sip,” he whispered for her ears only, then shot the bartender a frosty glare, before turning menacing eyes on Marcello.

“Marcello you have until I count to one to get up and get out of here. My family’s association with yours is the only reason why I will not make this a public issue. Yet. However, watch your back because the next time we meet I will surely kill you,” he stormed.

“Micheal, is that you?” She slurred before swaying in his arms.

“Yes, love,” he said.

“Hey, what are going doing here?” She murmured, snuggling closer to him.

“Shit!” Michael cursed. “Kendra, I have to get you out of here.”

“I don’t feel so good,” she moaned.

“I know love. Come let’s get you out of here,” he said turning to the man behind the bar. “We’re leaving out the back. I will deal with you later. You and Marcello better hope she does not have any side effect from what you let him slip in her drink or you both will regret the day you were born,” he snapped.

Michael held Kendra with one arm wrapped around her waist. He then reached into his pocket, took out his cell and called Piero. All hell was about the break loose. Piero didn’t suffer fools and one that messed with his sister-in-law would surely die.


  1. Wow, that was some excerpt. I truly enjoyed that. It left me wanting more to read.

  2. Hi Yvonne!

    Thank you Queen of Wonderful! You know I love your work and posts :)