Happy Sunday! Enjoy!

Welcome! Hope you all are having a great Sunday! Here’s a little snippet from a WIP. You all should recognize both characters. Can you tell me which of my works the hero and heroine are from?



A Wild Ride

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King


“So Star how’d you get Hudson to let you out for the night?” Skye asked.

“Yeah, I want to know that one too?” Paulette piped in.

“I didn’t have to get Hudson to let me do anything. I simply told him that I wanted to spend some time with my sister and best friend and he was okay with it. I think he was relieved. Hudson thinks I hover over the baby. This is his daddy time with little Ashley,” Star said.

“How’s my niece?” Skye asked.

“You mean since you left her yesterday?” Star asked dryly. “She’s great. I love being a mom. I have the best baby in the world.”

“And I have the best goddaughter in the world,” Paulette joined in.

 “I say we have a toast,” Skye said. “Let’s toast, to the best daughter, goddaughter, and niece in the world, Ashley. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” Star and Paulette said clicking their glasses together with Skye’s.

“Well hello, Skye. Fancy seeing you here,” said the not so amused voice next to her.

Skye jerked her head around to look up into the blue eyes of one Damien Baldwin.

“Damien…Ah…how did you…”

“Find you,” he finished. “I have my ways, Skye. I believe I told you that on our last encounter.”

“About that,” Skye started.

“Save it. Why don’t you introduce me to your companions instead? It’ll be less taxing,” he sneered.

Skye was too shocked at seeing him to speak. Damn he looked angry.

“I’m Star Reese, Skye’s older sister and this right here is our friend, Paulette, and just who might you be,” Skye heard her sister ask. Oh this was going to be bad. Skye just knew it.

“Damien Baldwin. You’re brother-in-law,” he stated dryly.


  1. OH MY The sister got married!!!. this is part two from lets ride? i cant wait

  2. Hi, Cherryce!

    Yes, this is part two from the Let's Ride series. The hero is from a different book. Do you know which one?

  3. YES!!!!!!!!! Damien is from "Peaches and Cream".... oooohh I can't wait for this one.

  4. Yes, Jacke'O! Damien is from "Peaches and Cream"!