Day 07 of Contest: Guess the genre

Title: Foreplay on Neutral Ground

Author: Serenity King

Copyright © 2012 by Serenity King
Welcome to Day 7 of the contest and Day 03 of Guess the Genre. Please note all material (i.e. excerpts, flashes, short stories, etc.) on serenitykingsblog and are copyrighted material.

Thank you! Enjoy!

Unedited excerpt

Without saying a word, Tanner released her hands, took hold of her hips, lifted her off the ground, turned and walked with her in his arms into the stables. There he slid her slowly down the front of his body letting her feel the full effect she was having on him.

Although he let her feet touch the ground he didn’t release her ass. Instead he palmed her generous curves tighter giving each ass cheek a slight squeeze in the process.

“Now, you want to tell me what this is all about,” he whispered heavily bringing his lips down to touch hers and running his tongue across her lips.

Lainey caught her breath. “Uh, Tanner, what are you doing?” she murmured against his lips.

Tanner didn’t answer her question. But he did ask one of his own. “You first, where were you going dressed like this?” he demanded placing tiny kissing against the crook of her neck, cheek and back across her lips.

“I—I,” she started then cleared her throat. “I’m meeting Lester for lunch,” she answered on a strangled voice.

He lifted his head and glared down at her. “I don’t think so sugar,” he barked out. “You will not be meeting up with Lester today or any other day. You damn sure won’t be meeting anybody dressed like you are now.”

“Look-a-here, you can’t tell me who I can and cannot see. Nor what I can or cannot wear,” she stormed.

Tanner brought his mouth down hard on hers stopping her flow of words. Prying her lips apart he slipped his tongue between her teeth. He was frustrated, tired and jealous. The kiss was hot. Bringing his hand up from her ass he caught the back of her head with one of his big hands and angled her head to the side, granting his better access to her tongue. Their tongues danced and dueled together in a ferocious dance of power and submission.

He used his other hand to bring her closer into his growing erection and rubbed the lower part of her into his cock. They both groaned simultaneously.

Tanner felt pleasure so great his breath caught in his chest, blood rushed straight to his cock causing it to twitch against her hot center. “Umm,” he murmured tearing his mouth away from hers. “Damn baby, I want you bad.”

“Tanner what are you talking about?” she choked out trying to grasp air back into her lungs. “We can’t do this. I hate you remember.”

His chest grumbled with laughter. “We can and we will. Hate me all you want you still want me and I can prove it,” he said backing her up against one of the beams in the stable, his hand immediately going to the front clasp of her jeans, undoing it and slipping his hand inside of her underwear; his fingers stifling through her short curls to play with her little nubbin, then straight to her hot box. She sucked in his finger like a vacuum. Damn she was tight. Oh hell is already hard cock was getting harder. His zipper grew tight against him. It was starting to be painful.

He fingered her deeply working his finger in and out of her. She was making little mulling sounds. Good. He wanted her out of control. He’d waited years to get this close to the elusive Lainey Dent. Each and every time he’d seen her around town or at one of the town’s dances with one guy or another, he’d wanted to rip the guy’s head off. He worked her pussy while simultaneously slipping a hand between them to undue the top button and pushing it open. Not bothering with preliminaries he pushed the bra up over one of her breast and quickly leaned down to draw her nipple between his lips and suckle.

“Oh My God!” she cried out. Her breathing was ragged and she was gyrating against his finger. He felt her hands in his hair, pulling in closer to her breast. “So good…so good.”

Tanner continued to work her clit while simultaneously lapping on her nipple; alternating between sucking the pointed peeks into his mouth and running his teeth lightly across her erect nipple. The chocolate tip hardened even more against his assault.

She was so responsive he could have come right then and there. He couldn’t wait to get her in his bed. She was on the verge. He could feel it. Her pussy was grasping his finger so tight and vibrating against it. He rewarded her by inserting a second finger.

“Oh…My…Damn!” She squealed again. “Tanner?”

Tanner removed his lips from her breast long enough to answer her plea. “Come on, baby, let go,” he whispered blowing on her breast and watching her shiver against him. She was holding back. He didn’t know why. Maybe she was scared. He wasn’t having it.

“I…can’t,” she cried breathlessly.

“Yes, you can. Come now,” he declared hooking his finger up inside of her and scissoring her while pulling her puckered nipple into his mouth. That was all it took. She screamed her release. Her juices flowed down his fingers and onto his hand.

He held onto her until the last of her shivers had subsided. “Damn that was a beautiful sight,” he proclaimed as he removed his lips from her breast to plant a hard kiss on her lips.

Her breathing was ragged. “I can’t believe I just did that with you. Oh man, I’m supposed to be having lunch with Lester,” she cried letting her head fall back against the beam and exposing her neck to him.

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