Week 2: Day 9 of our Contest - Guess the Genre

Welcome to Week 2: Day 9 of our month-long contest. Here’s another Guess the Genre:



Copyright © 2012 Serenity King


Monty squirmed around in his bed seemingly not being able to get comfortable—the sheets a tangled mess around his bare hips. The dream gripped him as a vice—not letting go. No matter how hard he tried to open his eyes, like a time travel he was pulled back in to what appeared to be a black-hole. He knew that nothing good would come from the darkness that surrounded him—still he fought it.

Something was wrong—he knew it—he could feel it. He’d felt it all week long. The feeling had led him to his cabin. His cabin was the place where he often came to collect his thoughts—a place where he could be himself—run free to do whatever he wanted to do without having to provide answers to questions he didn’t want or need. This was Monty’s domain. So why was something or someone trying to intrude on his seclusion?

A piercing sound echoed off the walls of his mind. Monty fought again to open his eyes—nothing. Then he heard it again. This time clearer than before. A woman’s screams filled his overly sensitive ears. His nose twitched...picking up several scents—all recognizable but one. Monty’s nose twitched again as if trying to inhale the distinctive scent. It was the scent of a woman—a new woman—one that didn’t belong. His eyes snapped opened on their own accord and immediately scanned the darkness of his bedroom and frowned. Nothing.

The sound of running footsteps had Monty up, out of his bed, and running to the front room of his cabin leading to the door. The loud scream pierced his ears again. He answered with a growl and set out in a dead run. His feet never touch the porch railings as he jumped off the porch—his normally stormy gray eyes now glowed yellow as he shifted mid-air. He ran through the trees through the darkness of the wild. The closer he got to the woman’s screams, the faster he ran. The wail that radiated from his lips this time was much harsher—dangerous.

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