Riddle: Day 03 of Contest

Happy Tuesday!!!

Today I thought we’d just have little fun. Yay!

Who can solve the RIDDLE?

There was a family of four that lived in a round house. There was the mother, father, sister, and brother.  They heard the sister scream. The sister was found dead. The mother said she was in the kitchen, the father said he was in the living room sitting in his corner chair reading the paper, and the son was playing video games in his room. Who killed the sister?

Have fun!!!



  1. Hi Cherryce!

    You have won a prize for the day. A autographed T-shirt. An autographed T-shirt. Send me your email address offline and I will get the info to you.

    Your name has also been entered in the drawing again for a chance to win a GC at the end of the contest.

    Thanks for posting!