Update Day Two

I hope everyone had a FANTABULOUS day!!!

It was so HOT outside today that I just wanted to stay in the house under the air conditioning—seriously, over 90 degrees outside today. After I came home from the doctor with Dad, I went to physical therapy (I personally don’t consider PT exercise).

This is what I did at home:

Did laundry. Up and down the stairs and lifting loads of clothes is exercise. I also did a few laps up and down on my own.

If you have stairs, and you are healthy enough to go up and down them…use them as a form of exercise. Also did 50 arm lifts. I wasn’t feeling that great today so I didn’t push it.

I did get in some writing today. Yay! I have been clearing my mind and doing a little writing at a time. I have even gone over a few works in process and fixed things as well as add on.

I listed my breakfast and lunch in my earlier post. For dinner I had baked salmon with lemon and garlic, brown rice, broccoli, and bottled water. 

Salmon can be expensive…use whatever fish or meat you like. Remember we are doing a makeover inside out the inexpensive way, Lol. I am confident we can do it.

Rejuvenating the mind is a great start to a healthy and prosperous life.

I started the day off with meditating on a scripture…I will end the day the same. I have one of those miniature water gardens that you can put on your desk or dresser or wherever and listen to the water trickle down…ahhh so relaxing.

Evening Scripture:

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7 (KJV)

Peace be with you today and always!! Will be back in the a.m.