Update Day One

Today was a great day! I achieved a great deal today. Got up early, went for my morning walk around the track, and then came back home and did a half an hour of exercise.

My exercise consisted of leg lifts—five sets of 20.

Arm lifts—three sets of 50.

Squat thrusts: five sets of 20.

My meals today were in the morning: Protein shake. Just didn’t feel like eating real food.

Snack: I munched on Kashi Go Lean Crunch! Naturally Sweetened Multigrain Cluster Cereal. You can eat this as a meal (cereal) or as a snack. I LOVE snacks, that’s my problem (chips, cookies, cakes). Yikes! I am not giving up snacks totally...I am just learning to control my intake by replacing the bad with some good.

Lunch consisted of Apple and Almond grilled Chicken Salad from Wendy’s (I was on the road at lunch time) with a bottle of water.

Dinner: I still wasn’t hungry at dinner but I did eat a cup of spaghetti and dessert was a few sweet potato fries. Probably not the healthiest thing to eat but it did the trick.

I do not eat after 7 p.m. If I get hungry later tonight (doubt that I will) I will munch on some more Kashi or a piece of fruit.

I won’t mention how much water I drank because I drink water all throughout the day in the spring and summer. It is just too hot to drink fruit drinks or soda for me.


A lot of people will tell you to go to the gym…well some of us just do not have the time to make it to the gym. What I have been doing to substitute going to the gym is very inexpensive.

For hand weights I use either two cans of any kind of can good that’s in the house…I don’t like can foods so I use bottled water as my weights. I just recycle the bottles that I have during the week and fill them up with tap water and use them as weights. Just as good as those 2 and 3 lbs. weights.

If you can’t run around your block or on a track, just clear a space and run in place for about 10, 15 or 20 minutes. I usually do five sets of 100. Do what you can do though and work your way up to whatever you want. The goal is to challenge yourself.

My number one goal is to work towards a healthier me. It has to become a lifestyle.

That’s it for tonight. See you in the morning.

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