Makeover from the inside out: Day One

A 90 day journey to a healthier me on the inside out.

Most young women and women are constantly in a battle to compete with society’s norms of what the “perfect” woman/girl should look like. Well, I am doing this to concentrate on a healthier me. This is NOT a diet, rather a journey to feeling good and making the way I eat and think a way of life…lifestyle changes.

Each day I will start out with a scripture or a quote of inspiration to get started, and then I will post daily throughout on what I did to rejuvenate my mind and body.

I will LOVE for you to join me on my journey to a healthier me. If anyone has anything to add each day, just chime in and post a comment. My mornings start early so here we go. *Pause* I actually started this on Saturday, and then it came to me to post my daily adventure into healthiness for others to see.

What we as a people need to understand is that we come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures. Yes, I said textures. Last year, I read a book by Nicole Givens-Kurtz, and I believe the name of the book was A Complete Woman. This book dealt with women and the different personalities as well as issues that each had. A Great book. A must read (IMO).

Textures as in personalities:

Some are what I would refer to as “Wool”. Why? Wool is heavy, strong, and keeps you warm in the winter months. Now some people are allergic to wool, but that’s okay it doesn’t mean that wool is not liked it just mean that certain people can’t tolerate it in some forms. But notice there is still a need for wool. A strong personality.

Cotton: Now everybody in the World uses something or has something with cotton in it. I believe cotton is the most used fabric around the world, Lol. Why? It’s soft and fluffy…good to the touch. And you know what it’s pretty sturdy. However, you do have some cotton the shrinks—can’t stand-up under the pressure. It appears strong, but it too has its limits.

Linen: I love linen, but you know what. Linen wrinkles always. Once you put it on after a few minutes it looks as if it needs another round with the iron (grin). Still lovely…just need a few minor adjustments along the way. The same with people—might have a few flaws, but lovely still the same.

Now we have “Silk”: Silk…soft to the touch—has to be treated gently. Dry clean only or hand washed. Some people need a tender/gentle touch or approach. Handle silk with care.

So you see people. We all come in different shapes, sizes and personalities…just need handling a little differently that’s all. With materials, there’s a warning label or care label attached to the material instructing on how to care for that material. Most of time if you do not follow the instructions careful something is going to go awry with the material. It’s same with people. Don’t just judge…if you can learn the person and treat them accordingly.

Okaaaay let’s start this train ride to a healthier me/you. Will join me?



Whoever joins in on my ride must say Choo Choo.

My goal is 90 days and to lose at least 10 pounds and clear my mind for writing. My journaling will start tonight.

Peace and Blessings!


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