What's the Scenario Wednesday! This week's theme is "DATE NIGHT"

Once again it’s What’s the Scenario Wednesday.  This week’s theme is DATE NIGHT. I’ve chosen a party scene from a previous release Claiming Sydney, released through Shara Azod. Enjoy!

Setting: Venezuela. Birthday party.

Set-up Having promised her best-friend that she’d attend her 30th birthday party, Sydney Greene is off to the outskirts of Venezuela, a place where a year ago, she’d learned to release her inhibitions and engaged in an illicit two-week affair with a gorgeous Spaniard, Fabian Acosta.  
Sydney felt a strong arm snake around her waist and pull her back against his hard body. “Fabian,” she muttered.
“Why are you hiding in the corner, Mí Amor,” he whispered in her ear.
“No reason. Just tired I guess. I really didn’t get much sleep last night or this morning if you recall,” she snickered.
“If you want, we could leave here now and pick-up where we left off this morning,” he murmured. His tone indicated that he was serious. If his tone hadn’t been enough to convince her that he was serious, the bulge that rested against her ass sure did.
“I want to, but Gabriella would kill me if I skipped out early on her party. As it is, she claimed that you’ve held me hostage long enough,” Sydney laughed. She called Gabriella yesterday from Fabian’s house; and, instead of lying to her friend, she’d opted to tell her the truth. To say her friend was shocked was an understatement. She was also excited that her best friend had hooked up with her brother. Most girls would have probably been upset. Not Gabriella. She was happy. Too bad it ends the day after tomorrow when Sydney would return home. She had to admit that she wasn’t looking forward to it.
“Please, Gabriella is in her glory. Mama complains that Gabriella hardly comes to visit. According to mama, she and Raffi are always in bed. They should have made her some babies by now. Lord knows they’ve had enough practice,” Fabian mimicked his mom. He’d done a pretty good job of it too. They both started laughing.
“You ought to stop, Fabian.”
“I speak the truth,” he said, pulling her more tightly against his bulge and rubbing against her backside. “Shit! I can’t seem to get enough of you. If I wasn’t afraid someone would come upon us, I’d lift your dress and bury myself balls deep within you standing here and no one would be the wiser,” he groaned and Sydney moaned.
“Keep quiet before someone hears us. Here, hold this,” he said, grabbing a glass of wine from a passing waiter and putting it in her hand. “Hold that and be very quiet.”
“Why? What are you up…to?” The feel of his hand creeping up her naked thigh stopped the flow of her words. “Fabian…we can’t.”
“I can’t, but you can. Keep still and pretend to sip the wine. I’m just going to take the edge off until I can get you home,” he whispered.
She was hard-pressed not to cry out as he dipped a finger in her wet core. Her entire body shook with need. He worked his finger in and out of her. Each stroke brought her closer to climaxing.
“Fabian,” she moaned.
“I know Mí Amor. Ride it out. I got you. Don’t cry out,” he said and pushed his finger deep within her at the same time he dipped his head and nipped her neck with his teeth. She exploded around his finger.
“Beautiful,” he whispered against her neck, not moving his finger until he felt the last of her climax. He then licked her juices from his finger. “Tastes like sweet nectar.”

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