Once again it’s What’s the Scenario Wednesday.  This week’s theme is TOUGH LOVE. I’ve chosen a theme from a previous release again this week, Princess and the Professor my Beauty and the Geek story released through Mocha Memoirs Press. Have you ever been around someone that would like to get to know, but every time you say something it comes out the wrong way? Well take a ride with Princess and Professor Bradley and see how they handle their awkward moments. Enjoy!
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Setting: Atlanta, Georgia. Conference and Handbag Expo
Set-up Entrepreneur designer, PRINCESS MONTGOMERY, sets off for downtown Atlanta to attend a handbag Expo and visit with her younger sister. After a few days of little to no time spent with her sister, Princess decides to take her purchases and leave Atlanta for home; little does she know handbags aren’t the only things she’ll be leaving Atlanta with. Professor Bradley Thornton, known to his friends as Brad and to colleagues as Professor of Geek, is attending a NASA conference in downtown Atlanta. Sitting in a luncheonette next to the conference hotel with his two closest friends is where he gets his first glimpse of a delectable caramel skinned beauty crossing the street wearing a skirt, in his opinion, way too short. He wants to approach her, ask her out, but because of his inability to communicate properly with the opposite sex; his plan was to admire her from afar. That was his plan. However, plans do change.
* * *
After obtaining Princess‟ room number, Brad took the elevator up to the second floor of the hotel. He hesitated a moment before knocking at the door. Suddenly he didn’t feel as confident as he had when he’d left the restaurant. The fear of rejection weighed heavy on his chest. She was gorgeous, and on top of that she was African-American, Why would she want anything to do with him? Maybe she wasn’t into white guys. Brad groaned deep, then turned to walk away. Just as he was turning away from the door, it opened.
“Professor Thornton, what are you doing here?” he heard her ask.
Brad turned around slowly to face her and was rendered speechless—Again. There she was standing in her doorway with even less clothes on than she’d worn earlier. She was wearing a bathing suit…well, what he guessed was supposed to be a bathing suit. The thing looked like a few pieces of material held together by strings. The little piece of fabric she had wrapped around her waist was totally useless. It didn’t hide what was underneath it at all. He guessed the little scrap was more for fashion than coverage. Brad had never considered himself a possessive man, but by God, he couldn’t allow her to go out like that, showing all of her assets to anyone with eyes—And what beautiful assets she had. Her body was to die for. Perfect, but practically naked. Where was she going naked?
“Ah, Professor, is there something you wanted?” Princess asked.
“You,” he said before he could stop himself.
“Excuse me?” he heard her say around his lust-fogged brain.
“I mean…I need to speak with you. I…mean…can I have a word with you?” Brad asked in a rush.
She seemed to hesitate before finally inviting him inside.
“Sure, come on in. I was going for a swim, but I guess it can wait. Is there something wrong?” she asked before moving aside and allowing him to enter her room.
Brad released the breath he’d been holding and walked in ahead of her. He didn’t turn around to face her until he heard the door click shut. He looked up in time to see her placing a pair of sunglasses on the table along with what appeared to be a beach bag. Funny how he hadn’t noticed she’d been holding the bag before. Brad did a quick perusal of her body again and noticed that it glistened with what was probably sunscreen. Oh man, her legs were long and shapely. They would look good tangled with his.
Suddenly his trousers felt too tight. His zipper was cutting off the circulation to his manhood. He was hard as a rock and appeared to be getting harder. She was having a serious effect on his libido. Brad stuffed his hands into his pockets to try to pull his pants away from his erection and moved a little, trying to adjust himself. He prayed like hell that Princess didn’t notice his growing hard-on.
“I’m still waiting for you to tell me why you’re here, Professor.”
Brad shook himself out of his musings. “I came over to invite you to dinner this evening. And please call me Brad. I haven’t been a professor for a few years now.”
“You want to have dinner with me?” Princess asked with a look of disbelief on her face.
“Yes, I do. Why are you acting as if I’ve said something wrong?”
“It’s just that you didn’t appear to like me earlier. In fact, you seemed to enjoy pointing out the errors of my ways, then you show up out of the blue wanting to have dinner with me. What’s up with that?” She crossed her arms under her chest, which only pushed her breasts together, giving him a better view of the creamy globes.
Brad gave a deep, guttural moan. “Do you mind putting on some clothes?” he choked out.
“Yes, I do mind. If you have a problem with the way I’m dressed, you can leave and I can go have my swim,” she replied, then made to pick up her bag.
“No, wait!” he shouted. “I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. It’s just you’re kind of distracting me. I didn’t mean to offend you. You’re beautiful. You have the strangest effect on me. I just wanted to have dinner with you.”
“You think I’m beautiful?” she asked.
“Very,” he responded.
“You said that you wanted to have dinner with me—does that mean you don’t want to anymore?”
Brad relaxed when he saw the smile pasted on her face. All was not lost. “No, I would still like to have dinner with you.”
“Good, then I accept your dinner invitation. What time should I be ready?”
Brad stared at her in shock for a moment, mouth agape. She’d said yes. She’d actually said yes. Yes! He had a date.
Hopefully this scene will get you over the Wednesday hump!  Want to read more TOUGH LOVE from more of our Red Hot Authors, click on the author links below:

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